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    Useful websites

    Thread has been updated to make it look cleaner and also added more categories. Although the list is not finished yet, please post any useful link you miss here.
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    OtLand New staff members & anniversary

    Congratulations on your deserved promotions @Evan, @Ninja, @Siramix and @Summ! Otland can't be a success without good moderators. I'd like to say that I apologize for my inactivity and for not reporting it. The main reason is that I lost interest and wanted to move on with my life to spend my...
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    Tenkaping scammer

    Well all members of their guild are scammers, just dont play if you dont know you can 100% trust them.
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    6 years later

    Long time no see. :)
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    PHP Storm - your opinions

    I like the calmful gray appearance Sublime Text 2 has, it makes me focus on the nicely, colorful code. When you use this editor you definitely should use Package Control, with this you can install hundreds of extra functionality and snippets to make it even more flexible. Furthermore I recommend...
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    Fijne Kroningsdag.
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    pandaac: The Resurrection

    I'm learning/trying out Laravel for 2 months now, so I might help a bit eventhough I use L3. :D
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    Header for website

    I moved the text to the right, so it won't cover that 'guy' on the left. If you want the text perfectly centered in the image, let me know.
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    Header for website

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    Header for website

    He is talking about replacing the header, but that isn't what you are asking for. I could make a header/logo for you, but you will have to wait for tomorrow. Just one question: the text you want, will become a pretty big line unless you want a smaller font-size, are you sure you want this?.
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    Team Game of Thrones [Westeros Online]

    I enjoy watching Game of Thrones and I hope you will implement the most important characteristics of this show, then the project will rock. When you want to show more of your sprites, please use the small art section to show them. This thread should be meant for people to look for a position in...
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    how to encrypt files?

    It's a MIT License not GNU public. And everyone is allowed to do anything with it.
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    Complaint This dude using my avatar

    Just ignore.
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    Mac compatible

    Have you tried this: https://github.com/edubart/otclient/wiki/Compiling-on-Mac-OS-X
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    Heroland - Classes - OPEN BETA!

    I will be there.
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    "Wiki" Show 'n' Hide

    What you want can not be done with HTML only. Please read more about this subject in order to understand what it does and how you can help yourself. If you are willing to learn something (it's easy) then click on the links below or search the internet. HTML (HyperText Markup Language)...
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    Suggestion How to improve Open-Tibia

    No, definitely not force people by blocking people who want to use the old client from playing on the server, we should respect their opinion that's up to the server owner. I think we should convice the server owners to make something like a nice attractive image with a button, when clicked will...
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    Suggestion How to improve Open-Tibia

    @up OTCLient offers a bot named CandyBot. So you would not have to pay for a bot to use on a OT + it can be developed by the OT community so specific features can be added by anyone and when they see it's better people will stop using bots like Elfbot. Also we can bring back the old times or...
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    Suggestion How to improve Open-Tibia

    I didn't focus entirely on OTClient, but about Open-Tibia in general too. Constructive criticism would be nice though.