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    take the opportunity to fill in this one, with your suggestions for a future 7.4 project! Click here or https://forms.gle/qwj8UNrQhZhuKyyT7
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    Suggestions Form Project 7.4 Otserver

    Good morning guys! Anyone who can fill out this form, with their ideas for an otserver 7.4 project, would be very grateful. Every idea and suggestion is welcome for a better server!! Project Form 7.4 or https://forms.gle/qwj8UNrQhZhuKyyT7 Google form, email will not be collected.
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    Formulario de suggestions para proyect 7.4 otserver

    Buenos días gente! Cualquiera que pueda llenar este formulario, con sus ideas para un proyecto de otserver 7.4, estaría muy agradecido. Toda idea y sugerencia es bienvenida para un mejor servidor!! Formulario de proyecto 7.4 o https://forms.gle/qwj8UNrQhZhuKyyT7 Formulario de Google, no se...
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    Formulario de Sugestões para projeto 7.4 server

    Bom dia galera! Quem puder preencher este formulário, com suas ideias para um projeto de otserver 7.4, seremos muito gratos. Toda idéia e sugestão é bem vinda para um melhor servidor!! Formulário Projeto 7.4 ou https://forms.gle/qwj8UNrQhZhuKyyT7 Formulário do google, email não sera coletado.
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    Programmer Need otcv8 old school layout

    Up I also need
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    Programmer Looking for programmer to fix bug Otclientv8

    Good afternoon, I'm looking for a programmer who can solve some bugs in my otclientv8. otclient is being used in old version, tibia 7.72. some problems presented is in the player's walk mode, it seems laggy. using runes or moving items while moving causes lag/freeze. otx server 0.1x 4 value to...
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    TFS 0.X Compiling otx help

    Hello guys, I'm trying to compile my distro for windows, but it doesn't look for the includes in the library I have. folder 'biblioteca' have all libraries.. ERRO at compiling: I've done several tutorials, I'm not having success!
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    AAC Error no Top Guilds Gesior website

    Hi Znote, thanks for the feedback!! I managed to solve this problem this morning, Now i have problems to show the images of the guilds, I've tried all the ways but the images don't work. I don't use LINUX. The problem is solved in 2 steps \/ 1º I created the guild_memberships table, CREATE...
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    Programmer Hire me on weekly basis

    Hello, can you PM me? Need services ..
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    AAC Error no Top Guilds Gesior website

    Good morning people, everything fine?! (I use XAMPP V7.1.1 - Control panel 3.2.2) Older version because only it ran this site! I have an error related to TOPS GUILDS, the mistake: Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in C:\xampp\htdocs\pages\latestnews.php on line 17 Linha 17...