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  1. Fanni

    [USA][Custom] SoE RPG - Original Mechanics - Imaginative Adventures - New World Release! [01.05.24]

    Bro its crazy people is playing this corrupted shit. Not only once but twice did these owners show us how corrupted they are. GM's friends has some good benefits (atleast did on US server). Not only did they steal Kasteria spriters/lines etc but i've seen outfits from many different ots in here...
  2. Fanni

    [8.60] Tomek Chleje Mapping ;d

    Very Nice bro keep going..
  3. Fanni

    [Germany][Custom] Gothania - Gothic II with Jarkendar released[16th December, Saturday 16:00 CEST]

    Nice server guys. Just ignore the trolls these types of monkeys are on every thread
  4. Fanni

    Gallery of Dreams by Weto

    NOT recommended. This dude is awful. Paid to make addons and he made 1 and then stop replay. Then my friend msg him from another discord and he started to answer. Dont make deals with him
  5. Fanni

    Feature [TFS 1.4] OTS statistics (C++/Lua/SQL) by kondra

    come here your miserable little prick. I can pretend to be your friend for 500euro/week fat boy
  6. Fanni

    Feature [TFS 1.4] OTS statistics (C++/Lua/SQL) by kondra

    yeah thats just sad
  7. Fanni

    Feature [TFS 1.4] OTS statistics (C++/Lua/SQL) by kondra

    peolpe like you and Oen has no friends in real life.
  8. Fanni

    Local 7.x server setup

    dont buy anything u can download things for friii
  9. Fanni

    OpenTibia Items and outfits images generator for website 0.1.6

    I'm only here to say that Gesior is best guy on OTland. Always help people out and is a decent nice guy. Good job mate I appreciate people like you and if i ever get clean from crack I will donate my cash to you. Kind regards / Harri
  10. Fanni

    [USA] [CUSTOM] Souls of Elysium - RPG

    I almost got clean from crack after playing this p2w server... they took all my cash
  11. Fanni

    [7.4, 7.8, 7.92, 8.0] Sabrehaven.com based on Nostalrius 7.7 fork

    Like what sprite ? All i can see here is basic sprites lol
  12. Fanni

    Graphic Designer Promotional & war videos services

    This guy is good but overpriced. you can find better :D
  13. Fanni

    Walk Delay when Change Floor (Reverse Michael Jackson Moonwalk)

    let cat live long life
  14. Fanni

    Feature [0.4] All heal / damage in percentage

    int percentManaChange2 = (int) round(getMaxMana( / (target->manaChangegetMaxMana() / 100.));
  15. Fanni

    [USA] [CUSTOM] Souls of Elysium - RPG

    most currpted server.... after realestra :D