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  1. Cykotitan

    [Germany] OriginalTibia 8.00 (REALMAP) - [ANTIBOT - 24x7 - ONLINE]

    Hello guys, long time ago since I posted anything but I am here to assure you that its not on Fribbens end the /crashes/ddos/ causing the server go offline or what ever. The dedication center Mr.Fribben is using is currently under a Heavy UDP flood attack which is causing all these disconnects...
  2. Cykotitan

    Solved Globalevent timer [Certain times]

    function onThink() local t = os.date('*t') if t.min ~= 0 or t.sec ~= 0 then return true end -- your code here return true end interval="1000" (or equivalent for 1 second) it will run at XX:00, you can change t.min ~= 0 to t.min ~= 24
  3. Cykotitan

    Is hosting an OTS itself illegal?

    I know a few people which have gotten reports mentioning that CipSoft is starting a lawsuit against them and a few of them are famous (Remere, sim0ne, Dennis aka Toor)
  4. Cykotitan

    onSpawn execute on startup?

    Looking at spawn.cpp - bool Spawn::spawnMonster(uint32_t spawnId, MonsterType* mType, const Position& pos, Direction dir, bool startup /*= false*/) { Monster* monster = Monster::createMonster(mType); if(!monster) return false; if(startup) { //No need to send out events to the...
  5. Cykotitan

    Solved vocation Samples

    How do people lose samples :D Resetting the server?
  6. Cykotitan

    NPC Sofa King

    A humorous chicken feather farming machine. :ninja: - might wanna limit the ability before adding.
  7. Cykotitan

    Bug Magic Wall

    kidding :p :p local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_DISTANCEEFFECT, CONST_ANI_ENERGY) local limit = getConfigInfo('tileLimit') function onCastSpell(cid, var) local pos = variantToPosition(var) if getTileInfo(getThingPos(cid)).protection or...
  8. Cykotitan

    [UK][8.6] Cinara - High Rate Evo

    To those who it may concern, we are relaunching in 2 hours due to popular vote!
  9. Cykotitan

    GlobalEvent Race Event

    Good thing you made use of doChangeSpeed's delta behavior
  10. Cykotitan

    Solved Mysql_Real_Query and site problem

    remove <event type="login" name="Conected" script="conected.lua"/> because you can't use this in 9.x
  11. Cykotitan

    same speed floor event

    doChangeSpeed(cid, 220 - getCreatureBaseSpeed(cid)) swap 220 for desired speed and disable haste spells. might also wanna take away inventory items, send them to depot or i don't know :p
  12. Cykotitan

    Windows Gesior Accountmanagment Bug

    Use a compatible AAC with your server distribution/DB schema. It seems you're using TFS 0.3 or newer, so get an updated Website AAC Otherwise you may or may not run into more problems, the above post is a hack to get it to work
  13. Cykotitan

    [UK][8.6] Cinara - High Rate Evo

    Notice: The server is online! The server is launching Monday 17th June @ 18:00 CET! Register - Connection Info - » IP: cinara.net » Port: 7171 » Client: 8.60, Custom client downloadable on the website - Rates - » Experience Stages: * 001 - 099 x450 * 100 - 149 x250 * 150 - 199 x150 * 200 -...
  14. Cykotitan

    Arrow that broke sometimes

    Hi Suxex please use VM for this purpose
  15. Cykotitan

    Arrow that broke sometimes

    Can you try changing ammoAction from removecount to moveback and then adding breakChance
  16. Cykotitan

    Happy Birthday Colandus !!!!

    Happy birthday
  17. Cykotitan

    GlobalEvent Last man Standing Event 100% Working

    because globalevent executes every 36s
  18. Cykotitan

    Problems in ssh I don't get theforgottenserver file when i had compile.

  19. Cykotitan

    Compiling Can't compile with exception tracer

    remove -Werror from Makefile.am and re-run ./autogen.sh use of gdb (and -O0 -ggdb) is favored over exception tracer
  20. Cykotitan

    Solved Gesior 2012 - Pull Players Group_id from logged account

    $group = (int)$SQL->query('SELECT MAX(group_id) FROM players WHERE account_id = '.$account_logged->getId())->fetchColumn(); this is how you would do it in classic gesior, not sure if $SQL or $account_logged have new names now :p