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  1. moekl

    Hire me if you want to learn how to leverage DevOps methodologies in Tibia hosting

    🧙‍♂️ What You'll Learn 🐧Linux Fundamentals 🐳Docker Mastery: Containerize the Tibia Server to enhance scalability, portability, and efficiency. Your Docker spells will make server deployment a breeze 🚀Accelerate Your Tibia Server Deployment with CI/CD Mastery! 🧙‍♂️💻 🔑SSH Sorcery: Command the...
  2. moekl

    Feature Auto Loot Sytem for TFS 1.3

    confirmed working with https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.5-Downgrades/tree/8.60
  3. moekl

    Hellgrave RPG 12.72 v6.0

    how can i change ip on this client ?
  4. moekl

    Action [TFS 1.x] Item 'loot seller'

    Alright thanks alot :)
  5. moekl

    mySql Graphs and tables at Grafana

    yeah sure i have not discoverd if i can retrieve open tibia metrics maybe i can explore that but what i can do is, get sql metrics /data with views website metrics computer/server linux and windows metrics and ofc i will provide a how to setup both prometeus and grafana :) and all iknow about...
  6. moekl

    mySql Graphs and tables at Grafana

    Hello does anyone have a mysql database and are willing to export it, you can clone it and remove all account names and password from accounts section. basicly clear the data you dont want me to see in the clone if you are willing to send me it. i have to little data to work with in my db so...
  7. moekl

    Action [TFS 1.x] Item 'loot seller'

    hello havent tinkerd with a distro for a while totally forgot, but can you fill in where i put the item id wich will be the shop
  8. moekl

    [Tutorial] How to find out whats OTS or Tibia public RSA key?

    @ralke check the latest command it asks for package name try binstring as package name and proceed 1628640314 This doesnt work for Otclient tho, just Original tibia client and Custom Original Tibia Clients my guess you need another script or another system to get it. hit me up if you know...
  9. moekl

    Tibia Wireshark 2.5.0 nightly now has Tibia support

    How hard would it be to spot a Rsa Key From OTclient or is this just supporting the original Clients.
  10. moekl

    [Tutorial] How to find out whats OTS or Tibia public RSA key?

    To solve this I just did npm install fs-sync then i got error cannot find module binstring and i just wrote npm install binstring and boom it said well cant find tibia.exe .... i just moved the tibia client to C and change script to inputFile: 'C:\Tibia.exe', and it worked
  11. moekl

    10.98 illusion early stage

    Do you remember the old illusion map 7.6 the servers where you took a step it crashed, demons called mahmud ali, and holding a sprite wand with a bow on ur other hand to shoot 2 projectiles at the same time, well ive hosted this project at a beta phase maybe 4-5 years ago and it went good for a...
  12. moekl

    Mapper Looking for a mapper (Paid Position)

    for what kind of server? rl map or custom map but rl feeling, or just a evolution.
  13. moekl

    Custom Client [8.6 - 10.XX]

    this is explained on a normal tibia client, with different ip set to connect to your server, wich i dont think people have the source for, so what ur asking for is the otclient @Xizze link to it is here: OTClient builds (Windows) (https://otland.net/threads/otclient-builds-windows.217977/)
  14. moekl

    [TFS 1.3] Script to sacrifice 3 of the same item and get a new one

    you could also make a npc like this , by copying from the necromancer shield script and changing the item ids
  15. moekl

    Players are getting kicked when walking, or logging in with OTClient

    maybe this is becouse some custom item ids that doesnt exist in your players client, i remember when i didnt know how make a antibot system, i usually made custom ids in temple so they had to use my own client or they crashed ;D
  16. moekl

    Simple Change Map Script

    a suggestion to this would be have the same map but different seasons, and add a age to the players ,so when you look at them you see this character is 1 years old etc maybe 1 season per 6 hours, so you not only can see level but character age
  17. moekl

    [Help] Recreation of oldschool illusion

    i had it going for a while, lost some files due to harddrive failure like 1 year ago, but i have a backup on little bit early stage, we had about 50 players online on that small map, wich was fun, i just bought a real blade server thinking about starting it up, big turn up that someone wants it...
  18. moekl

    Server Hosting Assistance / Help me to figure this out

    My Idea So i basicly own a server IBM x3650 m3 and would like to know before i start offering a hosting service, what is the main thing that i should keep in focus when it comes to security of my network and the Hosting service, what should i consider. then im thinking about doing hosting via...
  19. moekl

    adding my server

    wazzap carre. funderar på starta mitt illusion 8.6 project igen. tror du det skulle kunna vara något att lägga tid på istället för dig ?
  20. moekl

    i miss the classicus server

    we had fun times for many monts i guess the best times from my classicus memories was at 1st 2nd 3rd 4th reset. i found friends there 4 years ago and we still keep contact since then. please classicus owner host the server 1 more time at october or november. lets see how it goes. would love to...