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  1. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    The server uses 8.60 protocol but the map was edited with 8.54, doesn't matter one thing for the other.
  2. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    You must select the Tibia 8.54 folder when you are going to open the map ;)
  3. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    Thank you!
  4. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    No, I don't.
  5. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    I don't have the db, this is a datapacks forum, so I posted only the datapack, like I said on the post ALL WORKS if u get the correct distro, etc... I tested some things and it works (first items too)... I recommend to use TFS 0.4 REV3884.
  6. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    data 2014-08-15, located in Noobwar data git.rar
  7. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    No, I don't have because the owner of Noobwar.eu was not the owner of the www. :P
  8. danipopeye

    [8.60] Noobwar.eu datapack (ALL editions)

    Hi OTLanders, As the title says, I come with the datapack of the server called Noobwar, yes, the Noobwar.eu. Many know this server, has long been making new versions but it will never make anymore now. Those who do not know the server, look at the whole post, it can be interesting. Before...
  9. danipopeye

    Noobwaria 8.60 Datapack by Hard

    There are some NPCs like noobwar.eu, I worked with Yanger, Dreamer.. so u get this from they?
  10. danipopeye

    [Spain] Helysia 8.6 || Edited Real Map || UNIQUE Features!

    Helysia ONLINE - 24/02/2014 Server Informations Website: http://helysia.hopto.org/ Server IP: helysia.hopto.org Server Port: 7171 Client: 8.6 Map: Edited Real Map PVP protection to 100 level Create guild at 100 level Buy house at 100 level Exp rate 5 - 50 level, 250x 51 - 100 level, 150x...
  11. danipopeye

    [Sweden] ThaisWar PvP 8.6 || ThaisWar.hopto.org

    ~*Ip*~: thaiswar.hopto.org ~*Port*~: 7171 ~*Client*~: Tibia 8.6 ~*Uptime*~: 24/7 ~*Hosted in*~: Sweden, on a dedicated server with 100 mbits Internet connection. ~*Website*~: http://thaiswar.hopto.org/ ~*Exp rate*~: 25x ~*Map*~: Custom ~*Runes*~: Infinite ~*Loot rate*~: 0x (war server) ~*Server...
  12. danipopeye


    I want to buy some, msg me to Dani Da Nuker
  13. danipopeye

    Selling 60KK's (10kk = 3 euro)

    I want to buy some KK's on ShadowCores, like 30kk~ msg ingame to Miraliis
  14. danipopeye

    Buying Buying gold on ShadowCores!

    Dear players of ShadowCores! I'm buying ShadowCores gold for real money (PayPal). If you are interested in making some money selling your gold do not hesitate to contact me in game or leave a message here. What I pay: 0.35 Euro/0.45 USD Per KK My name in ShadowCores: Daniello Godlike Kind...
  15. danipopeye

    Selling Selling gold on Lunar/Shadow (1kk=0.35 Euro)

    I want to buy some kk's on ShadowCores, message me ingame: Daniello Godlike