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  1. Shawak

    Discord will change usernames, beware of scammers!

    Nitro users are prioritized: Source: Evolving Usernames on Discord (https://discord.com/blog/usernames#:~:text=In%20terms%20of%20rollout%2C%20we,coming%20months%2C%20starting%20with%202015).
  2. Shawak

    A servers list that stores players

    Thats a pretty bad system for servers with characters that always have a static level (e.g. war servers) or servers which use a level cap.
  3. Shawak

    A server with a level limit.

    I think a level limit is only a good idea with something like a season system where you are guaranteed to reset (at least some) progress, like PoE.
  4. Shawak

    help metatable in lua

    You have to remove the hashtag in print(#teste:getTable())
  5. Shawak

    Proof of concept of a new game engine

    Cool! I've also written a parser in Rust for .dat, .otb, .otbm and .spr files in case you are interested, although it's not 100% finished
  6. Shawak

    Theorizing a Modern Engine Design

    Well I kinda agree, but the problem is that you need to chose a language which is used a lot or atleast anything with a similar syntax or your contributions will suffer.
  7. Shawak

    Theorizing a Modern Engine Design

    I agree a lot with what you said jo3bingham. The bare server itself should be coded in Rust to ensure no crashes, everything else should be done in a well-known scripting language which is more modern like julialang or python, also formats should be either json, bson or just basicly anything...
  8. Shawak

    OTclient graphical glith sometimes

    I am not too familar with Otclient but there was a similar problem in godot engine recently, maybe it's related to your problem: Tilemap/draw_rect random flickering with Nvidia drivers · Issue #9913 · godotengine/godot (https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/9913) Hope it helps
  9. Shawak

    Call to undefined function mysql_connect() XAMPP 7.2, PHP 7

    It has been deprecated for a good reason, don't use a old version of PHP because of that.
  10. Shawak

    OTClient problem with effect 255+

    How many threads you want to open for the same issue? I am pretty sure this also has to be an uint16_t: otland/forgottenserver because of this line otland/forgottenserver
  11. Shawak

    What kind of design pattern does the latest sources use?

    the last thing you need to know if you wanna start building video games are design patterns; most of them are so intuitive that you don't even need to know what they're called/structered anyways
  12. Shawak

    OTClient OTClient can't display magic effect with id 255+

    OTClient only parses an u8 (edubart/otclient), tfs also only sends an u8 (otland/forgottenserver) try changing the type of the "type" variable in ProtocolGame::sendMagicEffect to uint16_t, an u8 will cut your value of at 255. Also try enabling the Otc::GameMagicEffectU16 feature in otclient ...
  13. Shawak

    How add Hit chance tfs 1.2

    <item id="7438" article="an" name="elvish bow"> <attribute key="description" value="This beautifully ornamented bow was made by a skilled elvish bowmaker." /> <attribute key="weight" value="3900" /> <attribute key="slotType" value="two-handed" /> <attribute...
  14. Shawak

    TFS 1.X+ Tibia 11 Wireshark

    CaptureSetup/Loopback - The Wireshark Wiki
  15. Shawak

    OpenTibia [Windows] Server auto restarter

    Bash :start theforgottenserver.exe goto start PowerShell While($true) { theforgottenserver.exe } Read-Host -Prompt "Press Enter to exit"
  16. Shawak

    Suggestion About Copyright

    You clearly have no idea how copyright works; i suggess you to read that up before creating another thread in the feedback section.
  17. Shawak

    Moderators are getting quite cocky

    Supporting is not related to moderating.
  18. Shawak

    [Germany] Battleborn (OTS)

    I am bumping this because we are currently planing on picking up this project again. Would be cool to hear some more opinions on this project, especially if you think 4 people on a dungeon is too much. We also thinkin about combining heal&tanks so you only need 3 people for a dungeon or 1 tank +...
  19. Shawak

    I am retiring - from otland

    dude i just read this My Situation You are begging for money on a tibia forum which you were activly herassing people on over and over the past months, shame on you. Please never come back until you changed your attitude towards other people and show them some respect. You are not the smartest...