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  1. dewral

    Otclient Classic UI

    The decision to close this repo was made a while back due to a lack of interest in supporting the Otland community. I've requested multiple times to have this thread deleted, but it's discouraging to see it persist. In my opinion, it reflects poorly on the community. Next time, I suggest...
  2. dewral

    Nekiro racist??

    No one really is XD
  3. dewral

    4mrcn4 - ''Programmer'' Scammer. Open Tibia Veterans.

    Never got an single problem with @4mrcn . Recommened him literally to every big OT owner i know and they were happy with his work.
  4. dewral

    Darkrest.Online - Nostalgia Redefined - Discussion Thread

    More exciting news! Multithreading will increase performance and the pathfinding in TFS needed improvement. I’m really impressed with the frequency of updates and the speed with which fixes go live. Nice work!
  5. dewral

    Programmer [Paid Job] Fix the high cpu usage if to many monsters

    As far i know @Gesior.pl fixed this for some server, not sure if no then sorry for ping. I don't think this is an easy fix so not sure about the price of that kinda job :P
  6. dewral

    Darkrest.Online - Nostalgia Redefined - Discussion Thread

    Server looks very promising, tested a little and really like the crafting system! Design is just an masterpiece, can't wait for the real start. Good luck 😀
  7. dewral

    [France][13.20] Noveria Online - 1st July 2023 - FULL LAUNCH!

    Finally! True masterpiece worth to try for sure, played some on beta tests and can fully recommend the work of these guys. See you guys at start :D
  8. dewral

    Teleport Item tfs 1.5

    local config = { pos = {x = 1021, y = 1019, z = 7}, cooldown = 60 } function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if not player then return end local storage = 1234 local lastUsage = player:getStorageValue(storage) local...
  9. dewral

    Ile kosztują usługi mapperów?

  10. dewral

    [France] [7.4 / Custom] Realesta - Renoria [May 12th, Friday at 20:00 CEST(Poland), 15:00 BRT(Brazil) and EDT (USA)] North America for the first time!

    Hello, I noticed that someone was trying to advertise their tibia server on our server without following proper ethics. Promoting your server on someone else’s platform is inappropriate. Instead, I recommend hiring someone who does advertise your server in an acceptable way. Furthermore, it is...
  11. dewral

    Dewral Mapping Showoff

  12. dewral

    Dewral Mapping Showoff

    Make a good use from it then :D
  13. dewral

    Dewral Mapping Showoff

  14. dewral

    [Caynez] I'm a cool guy, really

    Glad you are back with some new stuff, can't wait to see what you will be cooking for us! I'll help as much as i can with some nice ideas to create something interesting :D
  15. dewral

    Dewral Mapping Showoff

  16. dewral

    Dewral Mapping Showoff

    Thank you for some tips! Always appreciated :D
  17. dewral

    Dewral Mapping Showoff

  18. dewral

    OTAcademy Discord

    Best discord about OT ever, totally recommended!