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  1. soul4soul

    Using Bing AI DALL-E to create Tibia like items

    Very cool, are those images 32x32 pixels in size?
  2. soul4soul

    Monster Monster looktypes

    I updated the list to include all creatures to present day along with extra information about configurable colors, addons, can mount. The forum has a 25k char limit and the list is 53k+ chars, so I created a wiki page for it on my monster converter project. The link is Looktype List...
  3. soul4soul

    AAC Myacc -- Login.php need update to version 13.10

    Maybe Getting "Tibia might currently be down for maintenance." connecting to TFS master (Tibia 12) (https://otland.net/threads/getting-tibia-might-currently-be-down-for-maintenance-connecting-to-tfs-master-tibia-12.280796/) can help you
  4. soul4soul

    tibia led to murder

    Were tibia coins even a thing when this happened? It probably was a loan of 20k gold and not 20k TC, poor research on the part of the presenters.
  5. soul4soul

    Moneyless (barter) server concept

    I feel it would be more difficult to balance and should the server take off the community would always find something to use as a common currency/barter item such as gems. Today gamer's, myself included, wouldn't appreciate being limited by NPCs either. No one wants to wait for hours to craft...
  6. soul4soul

    Tibia's most mysterious boss of all times - Samael [Article by Mogh]

    Very cool, I knew his form was exposed as not being the turtle but never saw the tracked map. Does the map tracker capture monsters? I wonder what is down there yelling if its samael or not.
  7. soul4soul

    A servers list that stores players

    Your concepts for this server list are so fresh. I poked around and made some observations. Overall list page - I can't tell how the list is sorted by default and I'd rather see this in a table layout. Regardless of layout adding options for filtering and sorting would be cool. I would want to...
  8. soul4soul

    TFS A* Algorithm :D

    nice video to show the difference, based on just the video I can't see any argument that its not better. It would be great to see a PR on TFS as other mentioned to make review easier.
  9. soul4soul

    A servers list that stores players

    I like that you split out informed and seen. I suspect normal for informed vs seen is the same value? Are the servers with informed < seen showing fake players in their website online list but returning "real" values for informed? Servers will fight back but it would be cool to see some type of...
  10. soul4soul

    OpenTibia OT Monster Converter

    Updated to version 5.0.0 What's Changed Cip Mon Format Add support for parsing strength spells Add support for parsing melee which inflicts poison damage Fix formula for calculating drunkenness strength Fix parsing speed spells Fix parsing whisper sounds Fix parsing of beam and strike spells...
  11. soul4soul

    A servers list that stores players

    I would love to see a web frontend on this instead of an app. When I'm looking to play a server I'm at my computer but I do appreciate a layout that supports mobile.
  12. soul4soul

    A servers list that stores players

    It's a cool idea and the first time I remember seeing a otservlist provide this information. I like the concept a lot. How does the "namesakes" feature work?
  13. soul4soul

    Real map team hunt servers.

    I played wearetibia for a month last year, It was fun but yeah super custom. Its on RL map but everything past your first lvl 200 is custom content. You can reborn after level 350 and having a "premmy" account is very beneficial but its not that hard to earn it in game by going to the daily...
  14. soul4soul

    Poll: Why you choose Znote AAC over MyAAC?

    Same here, I started to go with znote but the setup was more complicated so I switched to MyACC. I don't run a server and only play around with TFS locally. If I were to run an actual server I would investigate the offerings in more detail.
  15. soul4soul

    Would you recommend any printer?

    I recommend a laser printer too. I purchased a Dell MFP e515dw a 5yrs back and its still going. I must of went through 6 inkjet printers that all sucked before trying a laser printer. For the rare occasion I need color I go to the library and get the first 10 pages printed free and 0.25 cents...
  16. soul4soul

    My first 3d model - Carrier Rotworm in cave near Venore

    Carrion worm Its missing a bit of a bulbous nose and a horn on it's lower lip. They look scary in 3d.
  17. soul4soul

    Suggestion Remove otservlist subforum

    Another 2 cents from a nobody, I felt the need to voice my opinion because I find the whole thread saddening. I voted to remove the otservlist forum, I don't see any useful purpose of its existence. otservlist could easily run a discord server or stick with email there is mainly two types of...
  18. soul4soul

    [list] CIPSoft lazy solutions

    Not necessarily lazy but the use of different ground textures is over whelming. This is modeled after jounery to the center of the earth/volcano under ground.
  19. soul4soul

    Lua Could someone help me with this spell?

    TFS supports rooted condition
  20. soul4soul

    What will happen to your PC/files when you die?

    Some password managers have similar features as FB where the account can be taken over by someone you trusted. If you keep your files in the cloud such as gdrive they could then access those files and share them.