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  1. Chriistian.L.B

    [Canada][Custom / 8.0] Castabra | 10 OCTOBER 22:00 CET | 17:00 BRT

    Where you go to advertise your server ? any other server list ?
  2. Chriistian.L.B

    [USA] [8.0 / Custom] Realera - Etheria! February 9, 2024, at 20:00 CET, 16:00 BRT | New World, many updates!

    Top of otservlist, just use the filter of players online.
  3. Chriistian.L.B

    No grounds from new Tibia in Remer's Map Editor

    You can check on Raw Pallete: Also you need to register on your RME extensions to see on main palettes (needs updated items.otb to see all itens of your spr/dat)
  4. Chriistian.L.B

    Automatic Tibia Coin Payment method for AAC

  5. Chriistian.L.B

    CipSoft's "Creator" software (Map Editor and more)

    Its random monster, if you go to this place on global you can see they change the monster spawn every time you kill, also they have that on gnomprona
  6. Chriistian.L.B

    Roulette System

    the script from @MovieBR do that. Its monsters "dummys" with looktype of itens walking.
  7. Chriistian.L.B

    CipSoft's "Creator" software (Map Editor and more)

    If someone want to use theses map editor icons:
  8. Chriistian.L.B

    TFS 1.X+ posSand shovel tfs 1.5

    Has @Dakos said, to fix the posSand error, you will need to define posSand somewhere in your code. The posSand variable is used in the onUse function to check if the player is in range of a specific area.
  9. Chriistian.L.B

    Disable Battleye Error 12.20

    From: 8D 4D C0 51 3B 45 E4 74 0D 8B C8 To: 8D 4D C0 51 3B 45 E4 EB 0D 8B C8
  10. Chriistian.L.B

    Remeres Map Editor 13.1

  11. Chriistian.L.B

    OTClient ERROR: Unable to send extended opcode 201, extended opcodes are not enabled on this server.

    Check in your server source if you have extended opcode enable: https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/1.2/src/protocolgame.cpp#L142-L144 https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/1.2/src/protocolgame.cpp#L262-L268
  12. Chriistian.L.B

    Lua tibia files

    Try use search button, don't forget to mark as solved.
  13. Chriistian.L.B

    [Poland][12.51] WykopOts - 25.12.2022 19:00 CET | Custom Map | Low Rate | Balanced Gameplay

    Great server, nice map ! Maybe turn the server english ^^
  14. Chriistian.L.B

    TFS 1.X+ Roof borders stack order

    Items.otb, roof border is always on top (item attibute flag)
  15. Chriistian.L.B

    User you miss from Otland

  16. Chriistian.L.B

    OTClient frag system image otv8

    Its from LikeRetro and all images are free on otcv8 images folder Here you can find the module: https://github.com/OTCv8/otclientv8/tree/master/modules/game_unjustifiedpoints you can create your own style ^^
  17. Chriistian.L.B

    AI tools in programming, cool addition even for Open Tibia?

    Can you make some tutorial how to use that ? I really enjoyed it and would like to learn more about it.