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    Update CMakeLists.txt file

    So in order to see cmake changes you have to regenerate msvc project (cmake-gui can be helpful). You can not use already provided project, because is not configured to use cmake.
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    Update CMakeLists.txt file

    what are You using to build the project ? MSVC project or cmake :D ?
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    Programmer Otclient in browser

    I believe that's not much more work than one week ~30hrs of work. Basically You have to inherit Platform and window class. Even more - I saw a few years ago, that someone on this forum showed working otclient in web assembly.
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    Programmer Otclient in browser

    Im I missing something ? Author asked for WASM otclient compilation, not to rewrite everything from scratch. As You can see, even Kondrah started this (not finished ofc), by adding new SDL window.
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    macOS compiling lua error

    check if this path is valid -DLUA_INCLUDE_DIR=/opt/homebrew/Cellar/[email protected]/5.1.5_8/include/lua5.1/
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    Global scope: callLuaField is undefined?

    @lexus21 bumped this, so i answered
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    Global scope: callLuaField is undefined?

    Thats obvious, he forgot to inherit from LuaObject
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    Programmer Test To Crash my server? Is this legal here?

    for 10$ I would not even invest my time to write pm to You :D
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    Programmer I'm looking for a very expert programmer

    You specified, that only null can cause segv, which is not true :)
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    Programmer I'm looking for a very expert programmer

    pointer, which points to freed memory can cause segmentation fault :)
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    OTCv8 - Crash on Android Client

    take latest v8 build and execute exe with flags encryption and android no, just prepare data.zip and integrate with apk
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    OTC8 mobile critical lua error

    missing ram to load whole huge spr
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    OTCv8 - Crash on Android Client

    basically new otcv8 has updated luajit library to newer version, so You have to also recompile lua scripts to use newer version. Why this crash happen ? -> While encrypting client using --encrypt command otclient detects .lua extension and is doing additional step: 1. compile lua script to...
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    Odenia is looking for more staff members.

    Strong problem-solving and analytical skills Attention to detail and ability to write clean, organized code these requirements are contradicting with Junior Coder xD
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    OT Client Error

    visual studio project preferences, linker or c/c++ options (don't remember which one)
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    OT Client Error

    use SSE2 not AVX, and if You are using x86 system, then use x86 client
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    Help with shader outline

    You have to draw whole outfit to frame buffer (which will be a bit bigger than final outfit square) and at the end draw that frame buffer with shader on the map.
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    Scripter Multicolored text in vanilla OTClient

    Im not going to have any discussion with you. I'm here to warn anyone, that even senior software developer is not able to meet your expectations taken out of the ass xD
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    OTClient 1.0 (Release)

    use custom google store and use android system to perform update ? (This is how it should work)
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    Problem przy kompilacji serwera.

    https://stackoverflow.com/questions/63403769/dev-c-hello-world-fails-to-compile-error-on-make Polecam uzyc czegos co nie jest outdated od 2011 roku :D Np Visual studio 1671703194 szczegolnie jesli musisz zrobic projekt od zera