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  1. leik meris

    OTClient Why does my character disappear when attacking?

    Ctrl + T to see the terminal and see the errors
  2. leik meris

    [USA][7.4] Xantera| LOW RATE | MAP 7.4 | LAUNCH MAY 26 18:00 UTC

    1 hour to go, we are waiting for you all. good game!
  3. leik meris

    [USA][7.4] Xantera| LOW RATE | MAP 7.4 | LAUNCH MAY 26 18:00 UTC

    Xantera Online is a server created by enthusiastic old school gamers. This project has been active since the year 2017. Based on a TFS that interprets the hacked files of Tibia 2006. In Xantera Online you will find all the functionalities that existed in the year 2006 ~ 2007 except some...
  4. leik meris

    OTClient enable bot protection in src otclientv8

    Hello, I have a server and they are enabling the use of bots by replacing modules. My question is if there is an option to enable bot protection in the otclientv8 src. thank you
  5. leik meris

    [7.4 - 10.9] Otclient 0.6.3 (2474)

  6. leik meris

    MyAAC v0.8.13

    Hello, any solution for this?
  7. leik meris

    TFS 1.X+ spell area different damage ErikasKontenis version

    Hello everyone, I am investigating how to fix the area damage in an equal damage, currently it is like this, see image. does anyone know the solution to what I want??, thanks I am using this version GitHub - ErikasKontenis/SabrehavenServer...
  8. leik meris

    Thanks Otland

  9. leik meris

    Add Ping - OTX 2

  10. leik meris

    TFS 1.X+ Ubuntu 18.04 compile error Shaders

    Hi, good, can someone help me with this error, I've been trying to solve it for days, thanks! /home/XXX/src/shaders.h: In constructor ‘Shader::Shader(uint8_t, std::__cxx11::string, bool)’: /home/XXX/src/shaders.h:10:14: warning: ‘Shader::name’ will be initialized after [-Wreorder] std::string...
  11. leik meris

    [OTCv8] Auras and wings

    Can someone help in placing an actionscript to give wings to a player who uses an item please?
  12. leik meris

    [OTCv8] Auras and wings

    Why is this happening? https://reccloud.com/es/u/bjcxmrd
  13. leik meris

    OTCv8 Error in corelib

  14. leik meris

    Remove this

    copy posts from other users, I find it disrespectful
  15. leik meris

    OTClientV8 is from now open-source project

    where is this option in the src?