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  1. Leshrot

    Aziz - Gallery

    Dabi is looking really nice. I like it!
  2. Leshrot

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    I assume they are AI generated based on copyrighted content, right? I say this because it looks a lot like some merged Tibia armors due to overfitting. AI trend emerge seems inevitable, but it's still in a gray area and I think we can look at how to use it more ethically. Assuming I'm right on...
  3. Leshrot

    spriting tutorial by cardinale

    Hey, I understand what @xZest meant, I think it's more of an editing/resizing tutorial than a spriting tutorial. Another suggestion is to be a bit more careful with the image you are using, for educational purposes it's fine, but maybe it's good to clarify, since as far I can see an artist...
  4. Leshrot

    Tibia Idle

    I would put my effort into making something as different from Tibia as possible. Since I imagine the plan is to monetize the app in some way. If the plan is to attract Tibia players, you would probably be aiming for a very niche audience. (And most likely won't be able to publish in stores) If...
  5. Leshrot

    [Brazil] [11.00 / Custom] MegaGlobal

    Since I was mentioned... As the spriter who made most of these sprites, I personally dislike what @jora / Atlas is doing for a few reasons: - Jora has already tried to resell these sprites to several different people. Apparently implying that he was responsible for making them. Most of the...
  6. Leshrot

    Magic Plate Legs :D

    These oldschool equipments, Mantus and his legendary style
  7. Leshrot

    OTClient Aura Placement

    It seem you also pretended you made it somehow "and i'm sure in future you will need my jobs couse you will never find someone cheaper with this quality". Did I took any of your maps and started to resell it multiple times? So, don't justify your action through other people mistakes. I disagree...
  8. Leshrot

    OTClient Aura Placement

    Sorry, you just admitted that you are reselling work that you don't even know the origin. This is very bad practice. That's totally possible if you acquire them from the people who actually made it. Look at my checklist for avoiding issues like this. I mostly sold my sprites in a exclusive way...
  9. Leshrot

    OTClient Aura Placement

    Sorry, but I don't think @GM Shadow offended you, he just replied your question if they were exclusive or not. As @Nekiro mentioned, nowadays they will memory dump your sprites doesn't matter your encryption. Let me just point something for everyone. Before buying a sprite: Check if the...
  10. Leshrot

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    Blood elf from WoW commission Check more on my Instagram: @Leshrot I will be streaming more stuff soon at: Twitch (https://twitch.tv/leshrot)
  11. Leshrot

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    Tabaxi Commission, Currently streaming other stuff I'm doing at
  12. Leshrot

    Looktovask Gallery

    Glad to see you spriting again Look! I want to see this creature finished as well ;)
  13. Leshrot

    Shrek Showoff

    Brushes are very useful to be honest, you just need to know how to use them properly.
  14. Leshrot


  15. Leshrot

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    Thanks guys! Just doing an archangel sprite right now at I mainly speak portuguese, but I may chat with you on english as well.
  16. Leshrot

    Leshrot Graphics Gallery

    Some commissions artwork made recently WoW character commission livestreamed at my twitch channel, for the Horde! Monster portrait commission
  17. Leshrot

    Graphic Designer The top tier spriter you're looking for!

    Only available for digital illustrations requests currently Some commissions made recently WoW character commission livestreamed at my twitch channel, for the Horde! Monster portrait commission Discord: Leshrot#3866
  18. Leshrot

    Lotus' sprite Gallery, ish

    I like your design choices for the weapons, the magician set and also the animations. I would just recommend working with clusters for the areas of shadow and light, it's a nice concept you can find on some pixel art tutorials Keep up the good work!
  19. Leshrot

    Clickz Spriting Showcase

    Nice job, You may get better results after studying anti-aliasing and about light/shadow, you need to produce and balance contrast for it to work well. Your stuff have a nice design but are a bit flat (what is actually common when starting), you've done great for a start tho!
  20. Leshrot

    Graphic Designer Is spriting still... a thing?

    I'm not taking sprite requests for a while, just illustration stuff Btw, I don't want to disturb her thread either Maybe you can contact her through PM, as everyone did xD