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  1. Maserots

    TFS 1.X+ Secure mode ?

    Hello @Evil Puncker, I would like to have the fighting system as follows: When the player has his hands closed, he can attack everyone by acquiring the white skull. When the player has open hands, he does not acquire the white skull, thus not affecting his friends when hunting at a party. Can...
  2. Maserots

    TFS 1.X+ Secure mode ?

  3. Maserots

    Hoster OTS Hosting Service 2023 w/DDoS Protection

    @Don Daniello I read all the topic and would like a free 4GB VPS server for me to test my server in your cloud, if there is efficiency and solidity in the service I will certainly hire you monthly. I await contact, thank you.
  4. Maserots

    [GESIOR AAC] PokeStorm TFS 0.4

    Post a valid database please.
  5. Maserots

    [GESIOR] Confirmation of donation via email

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  6. Maserots

    [GESIOR] Confirmation of donation via email

    I used the google translator to make this explanation, I'm sorry if I can not write English properly ... There goes the tutorial below gravar.php for sending via SMTP for gmail. <?php header("Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1",true); $nome =...
  7. Maserots

    [GESIOR] Confirmation of donation via email

    If you have smtp server you can change the SMTP for your server. Was inactive in otland but now back. I doubt exclarecer. - - - Updated - - - Change to the SMTP server of your choice - - - Updated - - - Make sure that you correctly configured the smtp server in the archives.
  8. Maserots

    [GESIOR] Confirmation of donation via email

    available to create any kind of easy to install system to Gesior
  9. Maserots

    [GESIOR] Confirmation of donation via email

    Could you be more specific in the error? a photo ...
  10. Maserots

    [GESIOR] Confirmation of donation via email

    Thank you, please you who are adding the systems on their servers. Send me your email so I suggest improvements to websites.
  11. Maserots

    [8.60] OTServ (0.6.3) r.6052

  12. Maserots

    [Gesior Acc] New quest counter!

  13. Maserots

    [GESIOR ACC] Layout

  14. Maserots

    Emporia 8.6x - OtLand Exclusive! <3

    Soment have Data pack, please post dlls.
  15. Maserots

    [Modern Aac] pokeTheme

  16. Maserots

    [GESIOR] Confirmation of donation via email

    Hello Dears Well, after a long time I was looking for my Gesior systems and not found .. I decided to learn php + mysql and create a basic but effective and functioning 100%. System Information: WebSite tested: Gesior [100% success] Content completely in php Easy to install...
  17. Maserots

    [Modern AAC] Emporia Website + Pages

    Poste full database please..
  18. Maserots

    [Modern AAC] Emporia Website + Pages

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