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    Possible Block Account ID 1

    https://github.com/slawkens/myaac/blob/f98332c698eaa5c0506f3b09289748c4acfcfab5/system/login.php#L93 Never used myaac before but I'd try something like that: $config_salt_enabled = $db->hasColumn('accounts', 'salt'); $restricted_user_ids = [1]; $login_attempt_possible = (!isset($t) ||...
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    TFS 1.X+ [1.4.2] Killing in the name of - Rank Problem.

    You encountered an error in canStartTask caused by a comparison of a table with a number (__le - less or equal), and it's evident that there is at least simillar issue there: self:getStorageValue(v.storage[1]) >= v.storage -- should be self:getStorageValue(v.storage[1]) >= v.storage[2] If...
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    [TFS 1.3+] Snowball Event Revscripts

    snowballWarEvent.otbm Attachment be like:
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    RevScripts close doors tp on magic walls

    TFS 1.5 is development version (as it's latest master version since ~3 years), do you mean real latest masterbranch version or some ~2 years old downgrade based on it? Position offset logic was moved to lua to allow negative offset (more about stairs behavior): Move Position methods to Lua by...
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    C++ TFS 1.5 7.72 Downgrade Nekiro - sendChannelMessage Not Working

    This is open project, everyone can contribute and propose their changes. Speking of this particular downgrade it’s outdated and marked as archived: Usualy such projects are good starting point but rather for Devs as maintaining such projects requires at least basics of C++, Lua and git. Anyone...
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    C++ TFS 1.5 7.72 Downgrade Nekiro - sendChannelMessage Not Working

    Okay it looks like there is a bug in sendChannelMessage https://github.com/nekiro/TFS-1.5-Downgrades/blob/a4675433d0e5c0001d37d4cab1241120216597e4/src/protocolgame.cpp#L1561 Change that to: void ProtocolGame::sendChannelMessage(const std::string& author, const std::string& text, SpeakClasses...
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    C++ TFS 1.5 7.72 Downgrade Nekiro - sendChannelMessage Not Working

    Last time I experianced simillar issue with channel massages and it was more or less related to the OTClient handling as channel was not yet “initalized” on the client side thus the message was skipped and error was shown on the client’ console. Also there was issue while there was only one...
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    [Mod] Sound System

    I tried to clean it up a bit first and it worked for me (Otclient v8): SoundsConfig = { soundChannel = SoundChannels.Music, checkInterval = 500, folder = 'music/', noSoundMessage = 'No sound file for this area.', } SoundsConfig.sounds = { -- Boss { fromPos = { x = 32434...
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    Lua TFS 7.72 - Downgrade Nekiro Need Talkaction !buyer items

    It's not like TFS 1.x supports 0.4 mods. What I meant by that was the main talkaction' code would work but not the mods syntax. All you had to do was to set config and copy the talkaction' main code and adopt it to new boilerplate. So it's mainly to take the "sauce" and put into new syntax.
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    Lua TFS 7.72 - Downgrade Nekiro Need Talkaction !buyer items

    Everything would work as is thanks to compat.lua, here you are: local config = { items = { ['brown backpack'] = {cost = 500, id = 1988}, ['backpack'] = {cost = 500, id = 1988}, ['bp'] = {cost = 500, id = 1988}, ['green backpack'] = {cost = 500, id = 1998}...
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    Deprecated Gesior acc errors

    Are you on PHP 8.x? https://php.watch/versions/8.0/lsp-errors You can either downgrade to 7.4 or apply changes from this commit: https://github.com/gesior/Gesior2012/commit/9121683389f74cc7968b588c944e6c568b883bb8?diff=split&w=1#diff-1d82bcd51c0f69b3ae5a6344c70c8ef5a538c8831eb0b0512a78e590f00cf251
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    AAC myacc few spaces

    @Tubeshop Speaking of exiting entries in DB you could sanitize that with use of REGEXP_REPLACE(name, '\\s+', ' ', 1, 0) but if there are some names that'd lead to UNIQUE constraint violation you'd need to handle that too. For example like that (It's ugly but should work): WITH normalizedMap AS (...
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    Solved NPC with more than 255 (limit) items on list [OTVclientv8 + TFS 1.5 Nekiro 8.6]

    As Otclient is written the way it's compatible with many versions you'd need to change this condition to expect it U16 for 8.60 version: if (g_game.getProtocolVersion() >= 986) // tbh not sure from what version to if (g_game.getProtocolVersion() >= 860) // tbh not sure from what version...
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    Custom Client [8.6 - 10.XX]

    For some people who wants to change version that gets sent to server (As some people starts to threaten me due to that because I dared to point they're wrongly assume byte order in exe - endianness) Let's use 10.98 as example (the binary that I've found is 10.98 but sends 10.97 - the same...
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    AAC myacc few spaces

    function sanitzePlayerName($name) { return preg_replace('/\s+/', ' ', trim($name)); } $name = "Jon Jons"; $sanitizedName = sanitzePlayerName($name); // "Jon Jons"
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    Web development / Designing of webpages

    I'd go with Tailwindcss instead but idea is still not to waste time on producing simple things and save time to work on really challanging things. It just reduces the cost of developing site and gives you compatibility across different platforms (as none would wait months for concept). As he...
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    Solved NPC with more than 255 (limit) items on list [OTVclientv8 + TFS 1.5 Nekiro 8.6]

    Changing network message structure needs to be aligned for both parties, client & server. Client needs to be aware what portion of message to parse and interpret as itemsCount...
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    no mysql in config.lua.dist?

    https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/pull/4518 You can still put these config entries there but there's an option to use environement variables instead: MYSQL_HOST MYSQL_USER MYSQL_PASSWORD MYSQL_DATABASE MYSQL_SOCK MYSQL_PORT There were some interesting changes last time regarding build...
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    Lua Elane learning spells for paladins

    Not sure but as these keywords are registered in table (ordered) I'd swap it to register longer keywords first: local node1 = keywordHandler:addKeyword({'light healing'}, StdModule.say, {npcHandler = npcHandler, onlyFocus = true, text = 'Would you like to learn Light Healing for 170 gp?'})...
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    Lua Elane learning spells for paladins

    Yea but I didn’t want to write code that has assumption that there are only 4 base vocations. Latest master of TFS comes with nice utils to get base vocations only and get promoted/demoted Vocation. Which would work on every server, no mater how many base vocation there is (and how many...