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    Hello, I spent - 8 hours in front of the computer and I can't cope ... How can I add to highscores.php - online / offline status? I tried to copy the code from charachterprofile.php. it contains the code for Offline / Online but I can't deal with it .. Please HELP!!! ZNOTE ACC 1.5 ... Can you...
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    Monster Rates on config.lua TFS 1.2/OTX.

    Hi everyone! The engine OTX 2.1 was introduced feature monster rates. You could set the power of monsters, defense, etc. All at once. On config.lua OTX 2.1 look: - Monster rates rateMonsterHealth = 1.0 rateMonsterMana = 1.0 rateMonsterAttack = 0.1 rateMonsterDefense = 1.0 Does anyone have a...
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    Compiling Problem witch light in undeground !

    Hello all c++ masters ! I have a problem with change light in the undeground [tfs 0.4 rev3777] I change day and night light , now in my server have only night with 30% light. BUT... In the undeground i didn't see a 30% , but see 100%. When i change in tibia options light--- 30 when is good. How...
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    Fix/Patch Night on TFS 1.1 .. HELP? Please look this .

    Hello ! Who's can compiling tfs 1.1, when in game be all time NIGHT... I don't remember this line , but must edit one value 80 >>> 1 .. Help please. I now... English ;x
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    C++ Monster RATE on TFS 1.1 10.77 is possible? Help !

    Hello! Who now what I can add the monster rate functions on TFS 1.1? In tfs 0.3.6/ 0.4 is possible becouse in config.lua i have this line: Who's have a code to compile this or others information? In TFS 1.1 i don't have this line... (config.lua)
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    The World of Neravia - New create Map .

    I apologize to everyone for my poor English. I would like to introduce you to my work with the RPG server. Server Neravia was once one of the best RPG, but the owner does not want to sell it on, or run. therefore postawnowiłem do it from scratch with the big changes, the more in detail map...
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    Szukam TFS 1.0 pod 10.35 skompilowanego.

    Siemanko :) Tak jak w temacie posiada ktoś z Polski stabilny silnik ? ;>
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    TFS 1.0 for version 10.35.

    Who's have a TFS 10.35 compiled? Please help :(
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    NPC lua PROBLEM ! Modules ! You can see that !

    TFS 0.3.6 v8 Craying .... When i buying items is OK ! When i Selling items dont work. Console : - - - Updated - - - ref ! - - - Updated - - - I now Fix , mayby who have a problem , must schare modules in clean tfs 0.3.6 and change !
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    Wtf? With Reload NPC !

    Hello , this is my problem . When i make reload npc : [19/08/2013 22:54:42] Reloaded npcs. [19/08/2013 22:54:42] [Error - Npc interface] [19/08/2013 22:54:42] data/npc/scripts/doge.lua:onThink [19/08/2013 22:54:42] Description: [19/08/2013 22:54:42] attempt to call a nil value...
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    The Alvaro's Mapping Gallery , difficult beginnings .

    Hello everyone, today I want to present to you my work. For me, it's really difficult beginnings, but looked through many guides so I guess that's not so bad. Sorry for my english but it is probably bad ... 1. Temple on Darashia Town , my first joob ...
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    Spells Exhaused , I change to 1000 and not work !

    POL :Cześć , zmieniłem exhaused w spells.xml na 1 sekunde , było na 2... I to nie działa ... Dalej trzeba czkekać 2 sekundy aby spells się załadował. Co jest nie tak gdzie to zmienić ? ENG : Hi, I changed exhaused in spells.xml for one second, it was the second .. And it does not work ... Next...
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    Saganin - a new Nick Mapper Show . Can you See that ?!

    Hello every one, The main idea was to create map an new RPG 8.6 server. We'll probably use low rates , since it gives more of a challenge to gain level and power. Also the map is brand-new, completly projected and created by our developers and was thought specialy for this RPG environment...
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    Food's on Trees . Help.

    Welcome. I used to play on this one RPG. When clicked on the tree, appear on the fruit naturally selected. For example: ID = ***** - Apples. I had a script where the press was getting an apple for BP and he wanted me to appeared for example. on a tree. Perhaps one way, from me. I have no idea...
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    Welcome On Savar Mapping ShowOff WorlD , Travel on RME (Only RAW ) !

    Hello ! Today , In first my english is quite weak ... I decided to finally show their work here to see if I'm at least a little value mapper. As the first work reflects Rookgard temples. I think that for the first work inserted here is not bad. Best regards and I look forward to feedback from...
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    New RPG 9.[?] Oldera Maping Presents [ Mapper RexGandi ] .

    Welcome. Today, I wanted to submit a new draft RPG. I'm just beginning to create it so I tried to show it from the beginning of the work. So at the beginning of inspired me to make a city elf. Why? The answer is simple. I'm trying to create a story, because he is working on a project, it takes...
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    Czy posiada ktoś Mapę Sinteri nawet pod 7.6 albo jakiegoś starego dobrego RPG?

    Czy posiada ktoś Mapę Sinteri nawet pod 7.6 albo jakiegoś starego dobrego RPG? np. : Fania/Vamas , Sinteria , Cantera albo jakieś inne dobre , znane rpg? Proszę o wpis w temacie lub Link :) z Góry dzięki wielkie ! :)
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    Gesiior Acc Problem .. Przepraszam jak zły temat. Pomóżcie!

    Chciałbym aby ktoś pomógł mi zmienić wygląd loginu i accountmanagement . Reszta jest dobrze zaprogramowana w takich kolorach np. HighScoress ! A tutaj AccountManagement Problem... Sa inne kolory i porozwalane troche ... Prosze o pomoc . Layout LINK ::: - x.rar Z...
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    Hello! I schare mount System Quest. Please Help ME.

    Welcome. It needs to mount quest. Simply put quests Box and entered such ActionID or UniqueID. When you press the Chosen Mount get. Thanks in advance and please help me.
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    NEW CITY 9.60 Detaled ! To complite !

    Hello . I give my map . City and Some Spawn 9.60 I detaled my town and resp. This is custom map . Please Download and Comment :) Download : - NewTown.rar