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  1. Thorn

    TFS 1.X+ Free bless problem new players

    Hello guys, i found a script here to allow people below X lvl to have free bless, however its generating an error for new players, first time logging in players the error is this Lua Script Error: [CreatureScript Interface] data/creaturescripts/scripts/others/freebless.lua:onLogin...
  2. Thorn

    TFS 1.X+ Monster task by Limos customization

    Hello guys!! i was making a task npc with the limos system, and add it the slow speaking way to the npc, looks really cool, but i have a problem, i don't know why the system isn't counting my kills, and i already registered it in login.lua and creaturescripts.xml :S I was wondering if someone...
  3. Thorn

    TFS 1.X+ Problem with promotion npc

    Hello guys! I have a script for a npc that allows people to be promoted again.I have knights, elite knights and senior knights...and well ofc all the other vocations respective's promotions So this npc is supose to promote you if youhave the first promotion(elite, elder, etc) but right now, when...
  4. Thorn

    Programmer Need OTC Master and tfs 1.x coder (same person)-trade work with sprites

    Hello guys! Im developing Phoenix Legacy, and i need someone who is an expert at OTC and codes in tfs 1.x and who wants sprites. we can make deals, your job for x sprites, that's conversable. Contact me if you are interested!! PS: Im also looking for a good mapper, in case you need sprites :D
  5. Thorn

    TFS 1.X+ new spawn system problem config lua

    hello guys! i was adding this new way of spawning, and it works great Updating Spawns.. · otland/[email protected] ( But, when i was trying to edit the speed the monsters spawn, i read here in otland...
  6. Thorn

    questions about vocations.xml

    Hello guys! i have two questions, because i cant fix these issues or figure out what are they for 1) my royal paladin seems to be winning magic level very fast!! what is the attribute to edit there to normalize that? <vocation id="7" clientid="2" name="Royal Paladin" description="a royal...
  7. Thorn

    Solved Problem with new promotions

    Hello guys!! im having a problem with new promotions...somehow when people get the normal promotion (elite, master,elder,royal) its fine, but if they logout, when entering again they have the new custom promotions D: can anyone tell me what im doing wrong? These promotions comes after the early...
  8. Thorn

    Phoenix Legacy 10.98 Custom future game

    Hello guys! Im here to show you my project, that has been in development for many years, and after a success beta, we know what to fix, what to improve, what to change, etc... This game is based in rebirth system, wich at certain level, you can rebirth and become a level 8 again, however, you...
  9. Thorn

    OTClient Black lines in outfits when enlarging the outfits and mounts

    Hello guys, i have a problem with the otclient, we are making a new window where you can see the outfits and mounts in bigger size (for the purpose of the system), but we have encounter a problem, they have some weird black lines around them The coder seems to think that is related to the...
  10. Thorn

    Question about crossbow's and bows attributes

    Hello guys, i use tfs 1.2 and im having a really hard time trying to figure it out what these attributes do, i never knew what they do and i still dont, and i have reached the time where i have to work with that and i have no idea wich is what...plz guys if someone could explain to me what these...
  11. Thorn

    spellcreator spell to tfs 1.3 formula damage

    Hello guys, i need your help plz, i made a spell (actually many spells) in spellcreator, and they work great for me when i add local cid = creature:getId() I use tfs 1.3...and these spells are really old, idk what tfs, maybe 0.4? well, what i need is to be able to add this: function...
  12. Thorn

    Need otclient works

    Hello guys, i need someone who can work with otclient, hopefully have a lot of experience in this matter... and it would be amazing if this person would be willing to trade sprites for these works, since i dont have a lot of money. I can pay, but i would rather trade sprites (custom sprites...
  13. Thorn

    looking for scripter of tfs 1.2-1.3

    Hello, im looking for a scripter that has skills in tfs 1.2 and tfs 1.3... i have a few requests plz contact me with a private message if you know this
  14. Thorn

    TFS 1.X+ znozel withdraw big amount of money problem

    Hello guys, i have a problem with znozel npc (bank npc) the thing is my server has custom coins, blood coin(100 crystal coin) and ultimate coin(100 blood coin) and when in have for example 100 ultimate coins, and i deposit them, it works, but when i want to withdraw, it doesnt' give me all the...
  15. Thorn

    TFS 1.X+ monsters cant see me, more tiles to the screen

    Hello guys, recently i had the screen of my game be enlarged, but monsters cant see me when i see them, there's a 4 sqm difference for what i've been reading, i would need to edit here static constexpr int32_t maxViewportX = 18; //min value: maxClientViewportX + 1 static constexpr...
  16. Thorn

    Object builder importing question

    Hello guys, im having a problem, well, 2 problems to be exact: i want to take my whole custom sprites to a new dat/spr with the latest content of tibia, so i took a dat/spr and try to put my things but im getting errors my original dat/spr is 10.98, and the one i took also is 10.98, so i...
  17. Thorn

    TFS 1.X+ Massive raid problem tfs 1.2

    Hello guys, i have a script that summons a massive raid, the problem is that is not summoning the monsters and shows and error, the weird thing is that i have an exact copy for another raid, just changhing monsters, amount of monsters and positions and it works perfectly, idk why this one doesnt...
  18. Thorn

    Otclient spanish/portuguese fonts

    Hello guys! im in a fast need of otclient fonts verdana 1250/1252 in spanish and portuguese plzz!! i tried to add it myself but i really dont know how i beg for someone with these fonts!! i can pay actually, i hope not, but if necesary i can thanks!!
  19. Thorn

    Graphic Designer Looking for someone to make me new GUI Otclient

    Hello guys, im looking for someone that can help me have a unique look in my otclient, i need windows for everything, like skills, equipment, custom windows too, etc... i can pay for every piece, can't pay for a full order because order usually changes in time due to requirements changes. this...
  20. Thorn

    directional spell custom big sprite tfs 1.3

    Hello guys, i find myself needing a spell and can't pay my programmer right now, so im asking the community for help with this, is very important to me i need a TFS 1.3 spell that shoots a sprite like kamehameha wave, but using a custom kamehameha wave, lets say a sprite of 96 width and 64...