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  1. Quintinon

    [USA] Tibia Dark Side RPG-PVP 8.5 (2x + Bonus XP)

    [USA] Tibia Dark Side RPG-PVP 8.61 (2x + Bonus XP) Website · Forum · Client* · Map · Wiki *Client not required Quick InformationClient: 8.61 IP: Port: 7171 Account Creator: 111111 / (Leave this blank) World Type: PVP Exp Rook: 8x + Bonus Exp Main: 2x +...
  2. Quintinon

    [USA] Tibia Dark Side 8.31 PvP-RPG

    Important Note: You do NOT need our Client to login, it does not contain any needed files to play on TDS. Its only offered as a means to have seperate saves (config/maps) and a unique icon. TDS has always been a server with a great staff, and great community, and now it's back -- Better than...