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  1. Yaze

    Script Request

    Hi, i've got a reuqest if someone could help me. I am using tfs 0.3.6, with the client 8.6 , I would like to have an scroll, that you can use which allows you to enter to one house of these for like 24 hours. (The lever doesnt matter, it spawns a monster) So after you use the scroll you get...
  2. Yaze

    Lever for monster by money

    Hello, as the topic says, i would like to upgrade this script that i got. I would like it to have that it costs some money (id :2160) , and also it should be able to add few more monsters that should spawn. I am using tfs 0.3.6 function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) local...
  3. Yaze

    [sql query] RESET

    Hello i would like to reset the DB, I want the players to lose their skills ,lvls ,stoarges and get the same skills like the samples, they should only keep their items. So is there someone who could help me with the SQL query? Regards,
  4. Yaze

    TFS - stops (crashes)

    Hello guys, i need some help there. Theres a problem with my sources or with any of my script. The server just went offline and i had this error in my log tfs: scheduler.h:46: SchedulerTask* createSchedulerTask(uint32_t, const boost::function<void()>&): Assertion `delay' failed. Aborted How...
  5. Yaze

    Lua Monsters attacking eachother

    heellloo, its a simple question not even worth to make a topic but yeh, xd how i can do that monsters don't hit eachother with like area attacks from them ? kind regards,
  6. Yaze

    [DDoS,paypal hacker] and OTLand does nothing? - Disscusion

    Hello everyone, First of all, im doing this kind of report to everyone in OTLand first time , sorry for misstakes in my thread ! So now let me explain, back in the 2009 year i worked my own in my ots Xanteria, and Gesior (Phoowned) did host my ots for me in this time. Power (OTLand account...
  7. Yaze

    [SWEDEN] Enteria (v1) | based on XANTERIA | 8.60 | EVOLUTION |START 01/23/2015 19:00 CEST

    First of all we would like to explain why "Enteria" and not "Xanteria", Me and @Xanteria OT started "" but due some problem and trouble we started to fight each other , we both did misstakes, but now finally the fight is gone he will work on his own project and I will keep...
  8. Yaze

    Lua Talkaction bugged

    Hello guys, i've got no idea how to fix this im trying to find out over 1 hour now.. my talkaction script function onSay(cid, words, param, channel) local toPos = getCreatureLookPosition(cid) -- this function may not exists in old TFSes :/ toPos.stackpos =...
  9. Yaze

    Solved NPc script request

    Hello, i've need help once again :p could someone tell me , btw fix this script for me that you can buy/sell this items without this stoarge ? So possible for everyone to sell everything. Iam using tfs 0.3.6 local keywordHandler = KeywordHandler:new() local npcHandler =...
  10. Yaze

    Solved Potions bugged

    Hello i've got a question how can i fix my potions , its like you got 300 mana potions in your backpack, and it will only count 1 stack means 13:25 Using one of 88 great mana potions... while theres 288 gmps in backpack. Iam using tfs 0.3.6, i guess i gotta recompile right?
  11. Yaze

    [SQL] query needed

    Hello dear otland, i need a sql query that will update all players with voc 1 heatlh 100 healthmax 100, manamax 100,manamax 100 voc 2 heatlh 200 healthmax 200, manamax 200,manamax 200 voc 3 heatlh 300 healthmax 300, manamax 200,manamax 300 voc 4 heatlh 400 healthmax 400, manamax 200,manamax 400...
  12. Yaze

    [REQUEST] Talkaction script

    Hello dear otlanders, i have a question, can someone script for me a script like this A admin should be able to write a talkaction and all players in the screen will get + random levels, like /addlevel 300 everyone in my screen gets + MAX 300 levels, means someone get 20 levels, someone...
  13. Yaze

    [REQUEST] Talkaction script

    Dear otlanders, Right now my open tibia server is running and i would like to add a talkaction for my players. Iam using 0.3.6 8.6. If you need more informations please ask me. The talkaction should work like, players should be able to broadcast something but...
  14. Yaze

    Solved SQL - query

    Helloooo, could someone give me the sql query for "add all accounts 3 days vipp" , they should get + 3days vip please.
  15. Yaze

    Countdown advertisement

    Hello, i would like to buy a countdown advertisement, but otservlist is not answering on my message, i did contact them twice by this link "" but still no answer.. But i see people still got the countdown for their server can someone tell me how i buy this ?
  16. Yaze

    [Sweden] Xanteria (V3) | COME-BACK |8.6 | CUSTOM-EVO-MAP

    Welcome to my thread! Hello players, as requested by many of our loyal players we will start once again! At this moment, the server is located in Sweden, since we have a lot of players from Sweden, Germany, France, Poland etc.. So most likely you have played our last version...
  17. Yaze

    Windows Remeres map editor - wont open

    Hello , like in the topic, my map wont open anymore somehow my computer crashed and i had rme open and now my map dont continune loading at 64%. Other maps are loading full but this one dont work anymore and just stops at 64% Loading OTBM map... (64%) Finishing... (70%) anyone know how to...
  18. Yaze

    Custom-OT | 8.6 | Project

    Hello eeeveryybody ! :) I would like to present you some pictures of my Open Tibia Server comming out in the future :) I accept all critics , everyone needs critics. Then i would tell you from begin on that im not the BEST mapper, or one of the best one, i just like & love to map and would be...
  19. Yaze

    Searching TEAM-Mate

    Hello guys, i dont know how to start, but its all about to make a Good ots, i wont call it project cause i dont want to make a ots like dragonball, pokemon or something i want a simple OTS, which will be fun to play, rpg, and alot of other features. The only problem i got is daily im working...
  20. Yaze

    Countdown adversitement

    hello, I really dont know if i should buy this countdown at otservlist, im not sure if it will be wasted 90 euro for 1 day, if its worht it i would buy it but im not sure everyone is saying something different, of course u have to pay for a server, but im not sure if its worth it .. ?