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    OTClient Unhandled Opcode

    So, I'm trying to use OTClient on my otserver, but every time I try to use a weapon or a spell that uses distance effects, I get this error on OTClient console: ERROR: ProtocolGame parse message exception (8 bytes unread, last opcode is 0, prev opcode is 133): unhandled opcode 0 Also, after...
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    [Canada]HauntServ Custom

    WEBSITE: HauntServer Custom Client anti-bot HauntServ is now on beta. OFICIAL OPEN: 21/10 The top 3 players at the end of the beta will receive 30 days of premium. During the beta rates are a bit higher (exp 6x / skills 9x / magic 3x / loot 2x) Oficial rates: EXP: LVL 1-80 3x LVL 80+ 2x...