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  1. Ashwalker

    Current monster location data

    Where I can get information of all monsters' locations? As recent data as possible is needed.
  2. Ashwalker

    [Tutorial] How to find out whats OTS or Tibia public RSA key?

    Required: 1. node.js 2. Tibia client that you want to get RSA key from In time of writing this (Tibia 10.94, May 31, 2016) RSA key is How I can know or how it was first found out? I don't know how it was found out and never tested it, but I've compared my...
  3. Ashwalker

    Programmer Free webdeveloper here

    ;) Offering free help ;) I can help you with websites webserver domains linux HTML, CSS, JS and everything that is required to run them ~~~ :) How to get help? :) Pass me details on PM I will than reply to you what from that can be done by me with time estimates. ~~~ o_O Why? o_O I do...
  4. Ashwalker

    How to obtain XTEA decyphering key

    I'm looking for current Real Tibia XTEA key do decypher it's incoming/outcoming packets. Is it different for current standalone/11v standalone/browser?