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  1. eldera

    OTClientV8 BOT

    This is nothing new tbh. In XenoBot, WindBot it was/is possible to write scripts for team hunts etc. Just saying...
  2. eldera

    max int value

    I think so.
  3. eldera

    Client 10.77 [TFS 1.1] Magic and Distance effect animations.

    Tibias physics laws. If you throw item diagonally it moves faster than if you threw it straight 🤔
  4. eldera

    Programmer Old tibia 7.4-7.72

    Why would you even play on 7.4 OT if you don't want to throw runes manually? Just go to RL tibia and faceroll all the hotkeys until someone dies.
  5. eldera

    I had my server ddosed

    k, bye
  6. eldera

    TFS 1.X+ Optimize RAM

    Actually before writing my post I only briefly looked at the example you provided and misunderstood some things. I thought you were doing: npcHandler.topic[cid] = someExpensiveWork(); and the reason of not deleting it from memory was that it wouldn't have to be recalculated upon next user...
  7. eldera

    TFS 1.X+ Optimize RAM

    In this example you aren't showcasing memory leak but application level cache. *just saying*
  8. eldera

    Here I have this new Tibia Summer Update

    I have the big ding dong.
  9. eldera

    paypal chargebacks

    Unfortunately if user really wants to make a chargeback he will always succeed. All he has to do is pay with his credit card and after transaction is processed call his bank and tell them that his card was stolen. It's really fucked up but thats how banks/paypal work. There is a reason why...
  10. eldera

    Press f6 on your keyboard.

    ctrl + l
  11. eldera

    How to use GitHub

    set remote and push
  12. eldera

    [FRANCE] Gunzodus 10.00!and11.92 Warzone 4,5,6/Falcon Castle/New Asuras/Gnome Items

    Why do you guys release Tibia 11 client with IDA pro db files?
  13. eldera

    Windows Which encryption orr how is called this encryption method?

    It's rTRDsh257 - one of the newest AI blockchain encryption algorithm out there.
  14. eldera

    Programmer Need someone do make a DLL (pay 50U$)

    Payments sent as gift can be charged back too.
  15. eldera

    Programmer Need c++ edits 0.4

    He clearly said that he needs a person that is not going to waste his time. What is so hard to understand lol. /s
  16. eldera

    AAC encryption type

    Here is why
  17. eldera

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    Nice cracked client.
  18. eldera

    [Download] Tibianic DLL Sources (Client Injection)

    What is cracked client?
  19. eldera

    I am retiring - from otland

    hi bye
  20. eldera


    This is exact reason why people should start using docker/docker-compose.