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  1. StreamSide

    Lua How to access ”item” object across events?

    yo, I was thinking something similar, just trade the item and accept before using it will cause some problem imo
  2. StreamSide

    Spawn Queues on Real Tibia are joke

    so you are mad because you dont think thats funny? wow
  3. StreamSide

    Scripter Broke Lua Scripter - Hire Me -> Xikini

    totally recommended guy, xokono the best you will hire for this price give me revolut qr, I send you a few bucks
  4. StreamSide

    Evil Puncker

    you do not know? he is creating a new
  5. StreamSide

    TFS 1.X+ How to lose items having full bless?

    maybe I'm wrong but old formula was just 10% (per item) you would lose the item or if it was a container.
  6. StreamSide

    getStorageValue inside setStorageValue dosent work

    seems like player:getStorageValue(taskSys.storages.currentTask) is returning -1
  7. StreamSide

    getStorageValue inside setStorageValue dosent work

    ohhh now I understand can you add some debug stuff like printing player storage value of taskSys.storages.currentTask
  8. StreamSide

    getStorageValue inside setStorageValue dosent work

    ? I just said it, try with 4294967294.
  9. StreamSide

    getStorageValue inside setStorageValue dosent work

    0xFFFFFFFF seems like you using the max int32 value, try with 4294967294
  10. StreamSide

    How to remove description if monster is level 0?

    I just used chatgpt for this one so... Certainly! If you want to display the level information only when the level is greater than or equal to 1, you can use an if statement to conditionally include the level information in the string. Here's an example in C++: if (level >= 1) { return...
  11. StreamSide

    new aac - shiba

    You should add the tibia layout.
  12. StreamSide

    C++ Tournament Event in tibia 13.20

    the client data recognize what type of currency every item before showing them on the store so you need to learn the structure of the store, which is not a TFS module.
  13. StreamSide

    TFS 1.X+ Convert Flag value to enum from getSlotPosition()

    what are you trying to do? what about using another function like these functions https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/blob/f288cf3d6f421187d8081aa1f80b28984c98f7c8/data/lib/core/itemtype.lua#L24-L89
  14. StreamSide

    Feature Cam system

    well done, great job as always
  15. StreamSide

    about noveria.online and its current owners

    so oen is now selling sprites? man you do lot of things, any advices?
  16. StreamSide

    Feature [TFS 1.4] OTS statistics (C++/Lua/SQL) by kondra

    for fun? you mean 300 usd
  17. StreamSide

    AAC tibiacom fonts

    for labels and headlines its martel, dont know the others. Seems like classic tibia client font, and if I google that: According to ProfMozz on Reddit the font is Verdana bold with a pixelated effect.