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  1. Thyrelia

    OTClient Encryption.. Possible?

    Hello OTlanders, Is there any good way of encrypting OTClient files and still be able to load the necessary files such as Data/Modules? I've tried to use a "packer" but the client could not load the necessary files in the encrypted Data/Modules folders nor the init. Would be greatfull for...
  2. Thyrelia

    The good old classics..

    Hello dear Otlanders! I was just woundering if there were anyone that whould have any stabel 7.4 Open Tibia Server they could link to me or send to me. I know there will be ppl´s who will say search on google and ive tried that for the past two days and no results.. Im kinda in need of...
  3. Thyrelia

    Team Lord of the Rings Look A Like Server.

    Hello! Im looking for a team for my idea about creating an Lord of the Rings look a like server. Which means... Custom Client. Custom Map. Custom Scripts. Custom Npc's. Custom Monsters. Custom Spells. Custom Items. Custom Website. Custom Outfits. Custom Quests. That and more what i...