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  1. celohere

    Looking for [Dev] - TFS 1.2 - Tibia 8.0

  2. celohere

    Lua rope doesn't pull creature

    Add after line 31: elseif thing:isCreature() then return thing:teleportTo(toPosition:moveUpstairs())
  3. celohere

    [OTHire] Yurots 7.72 - Classic Map

  4. celohere

    C++ TFS 1.2 downgrade by Ninja show healing

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  5. celohere

    C++ TFS 1.2 downgrade by Ninja show healing

    Try: bool Game::combatChangeHealth(Creature* attacker, Creature* target, CombatDamage& damage) { const Position& targetPos = target->getPosition(); if (damage.primary.value > 0) { if (target->getHealth() <= 0) { return false; } if (damage.origin !=...
  6. celohere

    Hex Editing

  7. celohere

    AAC the Website is not creating accounts or letting me log into a existing one

  8. celohere

    Solved cannot create character when i try it doesn't make them

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  9. celohere

    Solved cannot create character when i try it doesn't make them

  10. celohere

    C++ rune charges debug

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  11. celohere

    C++ rune charges debug

    Open items.otb with item editor and add the flag stackable to all runes.
  12. celohere

    [8.0] - TFS 1.2

    If you want help with something unrelated to the distro of this topic, go to the support section please.I will not answer here.
  13. celohere

    Downgrading TFS 1.2

  14. celohere

    Znote AAC issues with setup

    You can import the schema directly through phpmyadmin.The schema file is located in www\engine\database folder.
  15. celohere

    C++ Convert source Tfs 1.2 from version 8.0 to 860

  16. celohere

    TFS 1.X+ Server frozen - 100% CPU usage, no leaking memory, bt full with symbols in thread

  17. celohere

    TFS 1.X+ celohere tfs 1.2 About standing on the magic wall

    How can you say that this bug is in the clean sources without testing first?I can't reproduce this ,and i never touched anything related to this.You should explain better your problem and state the modifications you've done before,so maybe someone will be able to help you. The normal behavior as...