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    Thank you for the tip. We are currently trying to estimate some basis of what we have. We could definitely want mappers and LUA programmers to write scripts and improve existing ones. It would certainly be nice if they would find their way around the regular Tibia server scripts and adapt them...
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    Hello, I will describe a project I am working on. It would be nice if there are people willing to help. If it works out, maybe there will be some funding :) The project I am working on is tentatively called LibreTibia. The assumption is that we are doing a project eventually that is fully...
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    Jeden adres IP - dwa otsy

    Nie znam takiej możliwości, ale nie jestem ekspertem od OTSów. Strona działa dlatego, że jest jeden serwer (zapewne nginx), który decyduje gdzie cię przerzucić. Nie wydaje mi się (ale może taki projekt powstał), który na podstawie nagłówków decyduje do którego serwera cię przerzucić. Zawsze...
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    Solved Issue trying to install ZnoteAAC at linux mint 20.2

    It may depend on the web server, but shouldn't the files belong to the www-data user? sudo chown -R www-data:www-data <path to www> _______ Additionally PHP is working correctly?
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    Well, I am not an expert on a Tibia client. Maybe I misunderstand the project. I assumed (looking at the server_files directory) that you don't recreate Tibia's graphics, but you do something like your own form with assets to Tibia. If I am not mistaken, "a mechanical magus" does not exist in...
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    Ok. I just wanted to help with the development of the project (OpenGameArt graphics are very good to use), but I guess these tools do not allow for group work. Additionally, in my opinion, the project would have to be converted to the latest supported version of Tibia in OTS. The only thing I...
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    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    @Peonso Can you describe how exactly you build the game files? In general, how do I understand you use Objectbuilder etc. I understand that there is no option to build with CLI? In short, I want to make the project look nice on Github. But additionally, are you going to transfer it to the...
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    [TFS1.1][GOD] How to propertly set God?

    Hello! I tried on my own to find the correct settings for this problem, but I did not find anything interesting. Group_id I set to 3 (4 and more does not work, rejects OTS), according to the "look" - I am God :-) But I can not summon monsters, create items, and a lot of things; However, I...
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    [otserv for 8.7] Monster problems

    Hello! I tried to create a server on otserver (github opentibia). But I have problem with monsters 1) Rats are immortal, you can't kill it (GameMaster too) 2) Loot from monsters? Label only ... I think the problem can be from Map Editor - It's from Simone for Tibia 8.6, but I change some...
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    Linux OTServ Database failed

    It is a default database file * Online exists http://www.gmclan.org/uploader/6184/schema_sqlite.txt Fervi - - - Updated - - - Ok, solved In tools directory we have a gendb.sh Copy sql dirs there and run it - then gendb create database, copy new database to server directory and run server...
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    Linux OTServ Database failed

    Hello! I have a problem with (original?) OTServ. https://github.com/opentibia/server I compiled a server from here and when I tried to run it - i have a database error :: OTServ Version 0.7.0 :: ============================================================================ :: :: Initializing...