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  1. Mark

    Make otland great again

    There's no need to worry about OTLand going down. We'll probably even upgrade to XenForo 2 when time allows. We've been able to cover the expenses with the help of all generous premium subscribers, for which I am thankful, and I'll cover the expenses myself if I have to. Running OTLand has never...
  2. Mark

    Tibia OtLand IP Changer

    The thread was taken down for a couple of weeks because it was causing OTLand to be flagged by search engines and web browsers. It was a false positive, most likely because it was obfuscated with a packer which might be common for malware. I recompiled and reuploaded it yesterday without...
  3. Mark

    When will Tibia 11 be supported by TFS?

    TFS targets OTClient, if OTClient doesn't support protocol version 11, TFS will not do so either. It's also a community effort, that's why it's open source. If everyone is just waiting for someone else to do it, it will never happen.
  4. Mark

    Complaint How to lose old members?

    The IP-address proof isn't just a single IP-address, it's three different ones, two from OVH servers and one from an ISP in Prague. Only you and the user who sent spam in private messages (EliskaJandova) have logged in from those IP-addresses. That's not a coincidence, and if you knew anything...
  5. Mark

    Suggestion About art sections being moved to multimedia

    Thanks for your feedback. I've created a new forum for Spriting Showoff under OpenTibia. We'll see how it works out.
  6. Mark

    We need a conclusion about the virus notification in IP Changer

    A deeper analysis is unlikely to help unless it proves the software to be unsafe. My point is that you can’t prove that software is safe, only that it’s unsafe by providing evidence of malicious actions performed by the software.
  7. Mark

    We need a conclusion about the virus notification in IP Changer

    If you're going to put on a tin foil hat, you should assume that no software on your computer is safe. Not even open-source software or software you've written yourself, because what if the compiler is malicious? Security issues are regularly discovered in operating systems, does that mean...
  8. Mark

    How to install boost_iostreams

    Thanks. I've updated the wiki pages.
  9. Mark

    The Forgotten Server 1.2

    This release has been long overdue, but it's finally time to announce the immediate availability of The Forgotten Server version 1.2. The highlights of this release are: Game protocol 10.98 Refactored network stack Two-factor authentication The release also includes a lot of bug fixes, data...
  10. Mark

    Tibia 11 .dat File Structure

    Sounds like protobuf.
  11. Mark

    Moving forward

    Ignored by who? The point of having the project on GitHub is so that we can all work together on it. No specific person is obliged to deal with any issue. You're just as welcome to work on any issue as anyone else. Unfortunately some pull requests are stalled due to stability and quality...
  12. Mark

    Solved Weird monster behaviour in TFS 1.1?

    The question is whether that is going to be faster than just running pathfinding in the dispatcher thread. Generating the cache on the fly may be worse than just running pathfinding on the dispatcher thread, and maintaining it is going to add performance overhead to changes on the map and...
  13. Mark

    Solved Weird monster behaviour in TFS 1.1?

    No, the problem is that you'll be operating on shared memory that may be changed concurrently by a different thread which will result in hard to debug problems. You either need to do a lot of copying, or synchronization between the threads. Database tasks work fine because querying the database...
  14. Mark

    Solved Weird monster behaviour in TFS 1.1?

    Your problem will be communicating memory with the other thread in a way that is safe, but also more performant than just running pathfinding in the dispatcher thread.
  15. Mark

    Moving forward

    OTLands expenses are mostly covered by donations that we receive from premium users. @Kuzyn No, OTClient should be preferred as it makes OT more independent and lowers the barriers for innovation.
  16. Mark

    [Tibiam] ALL Feature - Store System - Reward System - Characters Auction

    Please refrain from advertising your server as "New ShadowCores". This server is not endorsed by anyone from the ShadowCores team.
  17. Mark

    Dear Xinn, Mark, and the Open-Tibia community

    I also think the thread should stay, it provides context to the other threads, and the apology was also below my expectations (as stated here: https://otland.net/threads/book-of-lies-joshwas-cynical-game.243951/page-3#post-2370054, I expected the apology to be posted on their forum, it would...
  18. Mark

    Suggestion Tutorial Section

    I've increased the max length to 25k.
  19. Mark

    Dear Xinn, Mark, and the Open-Tibia community

    @Tarek1337's ban was long overdue, he already had at least one active warning and many of his recent posts were completely off-topic, spam, and offensive (and I'm not referring to any of the posts that were directed to me). There is no good reason to reconsider the ban, so I assume you're...
  20. Mark

    Dear Xinn, Mark, and the Open-Tibia community

    Thank you for making the right choice. I've restored your advertisement thread, and hopefully your situation with @xinn will be resolved. Good luck with your server.