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    [Netherlands] [7.92] Sabrehaven | Reverse Engineering Real Tibia OTS

    Agree, at least give us things that are not sellable. Scale armor, brass legs, viking shield, legion helmet. Also I would recommend having a midrate or highrate first so people can trust you as a hoster. I like what you've accomplished tho =)
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    [Netherlands] [7.92] Sabrehaven | Reverse Engineering Real Tibia OTS

    You have three people running around pking everyone on a server with 7 population. Too bad =(
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    [Netherlands] [7.92] Sabrehaven | Reverse Engineering Real Tibia OTS

    Nice =) What about the possibility to buy backpack with runes? EDIT btw the lottery system is still bugging :S
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    [Netherlands] [7.92] Sabrehaven | Reverse Engineering Real Tibia OTS

    Nice fixes! People are used to tasks, what about them?
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    [Netherlands] [7.92] Sabrehaven | Reverse Engineering Real Tibia OTS

    You should make a new advertisment - This is your beta advert with comments from that. Should make a new one. What about experience for killing players but with skulls?
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    Sabrehaven 7.8 Project Discussion

    Can only return vial once for lottery ticket system in edron
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    [Germany/USA] [7.4] RetroCores [8/11 - 18:00 CET]

    It's not him telling? The entire game chat and trade is "OMG PEOPLE HAVE 5000 BOH AND 500 PREM SCROLL PLZZ ROLLBACK". That also seem really time consuming? Checking cam of 2000 people, say 5 hour each character.
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    [Germany/USA] [7.4] RetroCores [8/11 - 18:00 CET]

    How would you solve this? It's not Marcus crashing the server.
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    [Italy] [7.7] Realots Testserver (oldschool PvP-E mode; 50% exhaust)

    Cant login =) Get to the character list then connection refused.
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    [Italy] Zanera 7.70 - Snapshot of a Real Tibia Server (reset every 24h)

    Characters below lvl 50 or smth should be deleted imo. Kinda boring to login on 500 lvl 1's
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    [France] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | NA-TUNNEL | Hardcore PvP-E | ONLINEEEEEEEE!!!

    You just answered your own question
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    [France] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | Authentic PvP | hardcore PvP-E | ONLINEEEEEEEE!

    Its not possible to create new character or accounts
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    [FRANCE] 7.72 ALZERIA [START SATURDAY 6 MAY] [Highrate] [New Updates]

    Can you fix a real anti-bot client? Jesus so many aimbotters
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    What about giving back donation points that people used on the previous server? Giving it back will at least give you those players + new ones. If not you just show your ambition with this server : CASH. Also the donation items are kinda overpowered tbh
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    Actually quiet fun server. If you like DarkOT this is like a replica but with EU host! Fun pvp server =)
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    [France] Thorsan 8.0 (Mid-Rates) RL-Map Server, WILL NEVER RESET!

    Well some dont have time to start over on a new server all the time. Tibia players nowadays have way too much spare time. I mean why are people even quitting? The new server will be same state as this on day 2, whats the difference?
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    [France] Thorsan 8.0 (Mid-Rates) RL-Map Server, WILL NEVER RESET!

    Players decreasing, however its the same amount of people on the "show online map", as it was when 200 players online. Kinda weird if you ask me.. Nice server tho =) A tip for Marcus, dont start talking about another server when you have on active, its a good way to kill the motivation on the...
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    [France] ClassicTibia - 7.4/7.72 - ENDS 18th of Nov - Start 25th.

    Its 98800 exp actually =) Thought everyone loved to reach lvl 20 and knew the exp