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  1. Gut

    Yellow highlight sometimes counterproductive?

    Purchasing the yellow highlight may definitely helps a server stand out more when it is grouped next to non-highlighted servers, however when many highlighted servers are grouped next to eachother -- it feels, to me at least, that it actually decreases the visibility of the server. In these...
  2. Gut

    Mapper Mapper for hire

    Just had my first order with Bahamut and I am very happy with the end product :). Great work overall! I highly recommend this mapper :)
  3. Gut

    Linux Which scripts can eat the cpu?

    Typically you will want to look at any scripts that contain loops.
  4. Gut

    [Suggestion] Otservlist online player counters

    What about players who share the same IP address? They are counted as "MC" as well and would not show up with your proposed idea.
  5. Gut

    [USA] [Custom / 8.40] Collapser Zulu

    It's in progress! Check out the development trello: trello.collapser.com Level catch-up mechanics have been implemented! Now is a GREAT time to start playing! Links: 1. EXP Catch-UP 2. Living Forest (Increased leveling zone)
  6. Gut

    [USA] [Custom / 8.40] Collapser Zulu

    You can also functions in the bots that help with auto healing and auto mana potion usage. The restrictions are placed on character movement automation, using bots for attack spells, ect. A full listing of the rules can be found here: Collapser (https://www.collapser.com/index.php?rules) A...
  7. Gut

    [USA] [Custom / 8.40] Collapser Zulu

    Typically you will want a bot for fishing because it's an AFK (idle rpg) mechanic. You can do it manually, with simple macros, or a bot. A bot however gives you the best advantage while fishing AFK because it will heal you if something you fish up attacks you.
  8. Gut

    [USA] [Custom / 8.40] Collapser Zulu

    No, he was upset at the time because he thought there was favoritism towards the Spanish speaking players on the server. Everyone gets help :)
  9. Gut

    [USA] [8.6] Raptor

    Original owner (Sam)? or someone different?
  10. Gut

    [USA] [Custom / 8.40] Collapser Zulu

    Didn't realize I could not edit the original thread I made and there were other features that I had left out in the initial posting =(. Edit: And now that I say that I now see an edit button? So confused...
  11. Gut

    [USA] [Custom / 8.40] Collapser Zulu

    IP: collapser.com Port: 7171 Client Protocol: 8.40 Website: Collapser (https://www.collapser.com) Hosted in Dallas, TX. Collapser Zulu is a PvP custom map open tibia server. Features: • Unique Fishing System • Staged Experience • Custom Map • Challenging Team Based Quests • Deadly Custom...
  12. Gut

    How to see server/crash log on linux/debian

    You can make a script in bash or something that will print out in a file when the crash happens based on the return value of the application.
  13. Gut

    How to see server/crash log on linux/debian

    There are a few easy ways to tell the difference. One would be to ensure that "core dumps" can be produced without file size constraints by running "ulimit -c unlimited" prior to launching the application. A second way is to start your server using a script that will check the return value of...
  14. Gut

    What to do?!

    Nah they thought they were being helpful by advertising but I don't want advertisements yet :p
  15. Gut

    [Canada] [8.60] DeathZot | 99% Custom Map | 22 Vocations | Over 200 New Items | Prestige | Dungeons

    Your vocations look really cool! I will have to try this out :D
  16. Gut

    What to do?!

  17. Gut

    What to do?!

    Hey all, Someone added my server on OTServlist without my permission. My server is not setup to follow the rules on OTServlist so I would like it removed before it is banned :). Server ip: tibia.collapser.com Thanks, Gut
  18. Gut

    when tibia will have sound?

    One of my favorite parts of Tibia is the lack of sound :)...so I hope sound is never added!
  19. Gut

    Collapser Zulu "2.0"

    This thread is here to redirect any inquiries about the Collapser Zulu 2.0 project and also to serve as a placeholder for the project. At this time, please direct all questions to the project's own forum as I don't frequently visit OTLand. If you don't know what Collapser Zulu (2.0) is, don't...
  20. Gut

    The Collapser Zulu Resurrection Project (ON HOLD)

    Yeah, I decided just recently to reboot Zulu. It won't be the "original", but instead an improved version. There is not much public information available at the moment, but when I will make an OTLand post when I feel the time is right.