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    [France] [CUSTOM] Medivia Online - Prophecy [Friday, 14th of December 2018, 20:00 CET]

    Don't worry about decisions, its memories that last forever.
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    [France] [8.7] Ascalon RPG CUSTOM - Friday 13th of April

    Sands of time quest <3
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    [France] [Custom / 7.4] Medivia Online - Pendulum [Friday, 6th of January 2017, 18:00 CET]

    So if what you say were true can you please explain why spectrum and pendelum does not have the same amount of players online like legacy and destiny if most of them are fake anyway? yankgonnayank
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    [Germany] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | Authentic PvP | hardcore PvP-E | SERVER IS ONLIIIINEE!!!

    Make 8.0 without hotkeys for mw/sd/para also OTC would be nice.
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    [France] OriginalTibia 8.0 [HR] | Authentic PvP | hardcore PvP-E | ONLINEEEEEEEE!

    Be kind to ond plz he is not used to playing with retards :S
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    [France] Medivia Online - Legacy & Spectrum | CUSTOM 7.4 | [Windows / Linux / OS X]

    Dear players, In regards to recent proposals and experiences we have made with the Abukir update we prepared a small patch with some much needed changes to your gameplay. Those changes include a reworked paladin distance weapon system, a new speed formula, a new retargetting algorithm, a new...
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    Will try this highrate out
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    [Germany][Custom] Ruthless Chaos Season 3 - the return of RPG

    Pvp with hotkeys smashing KKkkkKkkkKkkKkk lets do it
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    [Beta] Ruthless Chaos - Season 3 (RPG)

    Would recommend a bit to grindy at the endgame but still fun Some vids that we made when we played
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    [FRANCE][10.07.2015] Tibianus - most stable and amazing server 7.4 re-launch!

    Dude you really dont know what you are talking about : D If anyone thinks mex is botting it only shows how bad you are at this game.
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    [Netherlands] Tibianic - Legacy | CUSTOM 7.4

    Dont know if everyone forgot what happend to this tibianic when it had 2x and more exp after lvl 70 but it died faster then xyvero in ob ( ;o ). But i guess now with pure 1x and no boting runes it will be a great success.
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    [Germany] OriginalTibia [RPG/PVP] [8.0] | 100% REALMAP | Authentic PvP | - ONLINE

    I understand how the command works. But you remove the whole blessing part of the game with this because if you die during a battle you can come back right away fully blessed and that makes the fighting more boring and less serious. THIS IS A SERIOUS SERVER, IF YOU CAN'T UNDERSTAND THAT. HAVE A...
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    [Germany] OriginalTibia [RPG/PVP] [8.0] | 100% REALMAP | Authentic PvP | - ONLINE

    What kind of 8.6 shit is this Diamond account blessing? change to so you atleast have to go somewhere else then temple to buy it(none pz zone) or make blessings cheaper or just remove it.
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    [Netherlands] Tibianic - Legacy | CUSTOM 7.4

    Du menar att det inte var smart att försöka argumentera när hans 205 rp blev deletad? av vad jag tycker är bullshit reasons. Sen att han valde reborn att logga in på var ju inte så smart men dock var det ju rätt så smart att han inte fortsatte att logga in på alla chars han hade access till : ]...
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    [Netherlands] Tibianic - Legacy | CUSTOM 7.4

    It funny because at the start of the war we got reported for acc trade but accordingly to doyle there was no acc trade going on then on these chars reirok, whereis jonnet etc. Ofc they were bought just like every other char on tibianic, but i guess that would not have fitted with doyle dreams...
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    [France|Custom] Thanatos OT - The return of an era! LAUNCHED

    idjit. just because you have the possibility to do something dosen't mean you have to do it so CAN U PLEASE EXPLAIN TO US NORMAL PEOPLE HOW A SERVER FORCES YOU TO DO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU SICK?