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  1. Teddy

    Solved Wand for sorc and druid?

    Hello, i have a wand that are both for druid and sorc but it dont works on druid..? it work perfect on sorc... Weapons file: <wand id="7429" level="1" mana="13" min="600" max="700" type="holy" event="function" value="default"> <vocation id="1"/> </wand> <wand...
  2. Teddy

    Cant get paygol working modern acc! :(

    Hello i use modern acc and i cant get paygol working..(The problem is that i can go in and pay with mobile and all that but when im done and back to i dont get(have) the points on my account but people have lost there money) i have done everythink perfect.. register on paygol.. are...
  3. Teddy

    Public cant connect to my website?

    Hello guys. i have ip to my website but no one can connect to that ip .. it only works whit localhost/ .. i cant get it to work i have a Netgear router WGT624v3. I have open port 80 , 7171 and 7172
  4. Teddy - flash spel hemsida

    Hej skulle vilja ha lite feedback och sånt på min nya hemsida. På swespel kan du spela flash spel och samla respekt genom att gilla spelen/kommentera , utamana vänner och skriva forum inlägg. Reklam försvinner när man blir medlem (Dock nästan ingen reklam alls) LÄNK : SweSpel
  5. Teddy

    Windows Auto kicks all the time (?)

    Hello guys i use .. When i login to my server all works fine only that i got random kicks to char select all the time it can be from 5 sec to 5 min after i log in. i have tested connect from other computers to but still...
  6. Teddy

    [Request] Header For

  7. Teddy behöver ny host! Hjälp!

    Shuu Är ägare över och jag behöver lite tips på företag utomlands för att hosta min sida. Har fått mail av antipiratbyrån att jag ska stänga sidan så behöver lite hjälp!.
  8. Teddy - Skulle behöva lite feedback! va tycks?

    Hej, nu ere så att jag har tröttnat på alla andra svenska streaming sidor så jag gjorde en egen. Här har ni addresen: SweStream Skulle gärna vilja ha feedback och sånt angående sidan. Tack för mig :) Live Besökare:
  9. Teddy

    Reset database phpmyadmin

    Hello :). How can i reset my database Remove all Accounts/Players/Storage/Items/House but still save Sorc,Paladin,Knight,Druid Sample , all gm's and all donate items?. Rep+ Teddy.
  10. Teddy

    Script Help Time Globalevents

    Hello guys can i add more times to this line? <globalevent name = "teamBattleStart" time="19:00" event="script"> Like: <globalevent name = "teamBattleStart" time="19:00;20:00" event="script"> or smth like that
  11. Teddy

    Forever aol dont work..?

    Players drops this amulet like a normal AOL but dont all the time sometimes the players have it after death. <item id="11393" name="Forever amulet of loss"> <attribute key="description" value="Protected by god!."/> <attribute key="weight" value="150"/> <attribute key="charges"...
  12. Teddy

    Redskull Item

    Hello guys i use this item to remove redskull but it only removes the redskull for the time and when you relogg you still have rs.. (TFS Version 0.3.6) Script: -- Scripted by Leon Zawodowiec -- function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2, topos) local playerskull =...
  13. Teddy

    TP Item. Help! :)

    Hello :) can someone make so you cant use this in a zone (Like zombie event) X , Y , Z TO X , Y , Z local removee = false -- to remove item set to true local cooldown = 60 -- colldown to use it again local storage = 1339 -- empty storage function onUse(cid, item, frompos, item2...
  14. Teddy

    Magic wall help :)

    Hello :) Can someone put this 2 scripts together? Main script (i need that zombie pos) local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_DISTANCEEFFECT, CONST_ANI_ENERGY) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_CREATEITEM, 1497) setCombatParam(combat...
  15. Teddy

    PayGol Problem?

    Hello guys, one player from my OT just donated from mexico and buyed for 14 euro but i did only get 0.4 euro :S?! - - - Updated - - - And the player says he wasted 14 euro from the phone :S ? .. so paygol are stealing like 99 % from me ?:S 30 MXN = 14-20 Euro but i only get 0.4 euro Email...
  16. Teddy

    First Items Bugg.

    Hello i have use diffrent first items script all works good but when first login all items get under the char? the chars have no eq but cab to take all.. script: local storage = 50000 function onLogin(cid) local config = { voc_items = { { -- SORC {2190}, -- wand of vortex {2175}...
  17. Teddy

    Zombie Event Error :) REP

    I added to my server but when someone die(touch by a zombie) the server freeze and i get this error. [12/11/2012 12:12:36] [Error - CreatureScript Interface] [12/11/2012 12:12:36]...
  18. Teddy

    MYSQL House Error.

    Hello guys i just installed : All works fine but i got one problem with houses? Every server save this error come up and lagging the server down as hell. [12/11/2012 11:59:34]...
  19. Teddy

    Zombie Event Problem 0.3.6

    Hello guys i use this script "" All works fine but i got one problem.. When someone use magic wall in arena (no-logout zone and no pvp zone) This item come: Magic wall rune works fine outside the arena?.. but how do i fix...
  20. Teddy

    [PHP] Modern ACC "Not count x-logged players"

    Hello, im looking for someone that can make the "not count x logged players" script work for modern acc, It only works for gesior atm. Script for gesior: