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    Selling item of type 13246

    Im selling an item of type 13246 It's a rare item that is no longer obtainable, it used to be obtainable in the first week(s) of shadowcores and theres only a few of them left. theres no price set and unserious offers will be ignored.
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    Selling gold 0.3€/kk {paypal only}

    As the thread title says, im selling KK's for 0.3€/kk My current stock is 69kk Rules; 1. I will not give first 2. There's no negotiating about the price 3. Verified paypal users only sent as a gift Post below or PM me on the forums if you are interested, or try to catch me ingame on one of...
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    Selling Medal of honour

    I'm selling my medal of honour and an item of type 13246 < you could get this by a mapbug in the first weeks of this server I will only sell these items if the offer suits me. I'm not in a rush to sell these items and low offers will just be ignored. If you are interested in one of these...
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    Selling Sold/can be closed

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    Yet another RS trap

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    Do something about these fucking brazilian combobotters, they killed me twice already and its pissing me off >> Thyagosz and his little gay crew
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    Selling House: Aureate Court 4 (yalahar 114sqm)

    sold it nvm
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    bigger punishment for afk botters

    Currently afk botters just get jailed till server save and thats maximum 24hours off jail i think that every afk botter should be jailed for ATLEAST 24 or even more, not maximum 24h im just posting this because theres alot of afk botters they get jailed till serversave but like they care...
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    People who use help as advertising

    normally i dont really care if they say it like once, but these guys just keep on spamming, they dont give a fuck and they have been doing it for serveral days, and its getting really annoying
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    first team to do inq <3

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    200 \o/