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    regexp for character name tfs 1.2 like official

    hello, someone can give me a regexp like as official have for character name? thanks
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    what font is this?

    what font is this? can't find it on google
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    Layout/Web Design WODBO

    hello, someone have and can give me a link for it? i can't find any nice layout/web design WODBO
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    C++ getManaForNextMLevel from table

    Hello, i tried to table for magicLevel, how much mana you need spent for next magic level. my code: uint64_t Player::getManaForNextMLevel(){ uint64_t ManaForNextML[200] = { 500, 1000, 1500, 3000, 6000, 12000, 24000, }; //will...
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    [OTSERV]Add level before Name monster

    Hello, i need add level before name monster.
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    [QUESTION]Animation or effect it is Possible?

    hello, i have one question. its possible to create animation when you do spells? like kamehameha with animation character move hand and create ball..... if this possible how hard its will be and how much cost? because it very interesting.
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    Compiling DBOROX compiling on Debian 7 [ERROR]

    Hello, i trying compiling DBOROX on Debian 7, but i got this error: [email protected]:/srr# ./ TheForgottenServer build script- seems to speed things up ALOT. CCache: OK CCache binaries located in /usr/lib/ccache Building on 2 cores, using 3 processes CDPATH="${ZSH_VERSION+.}:" && cd . &&...
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    [QUESTION]]DBOROX how i can set outfit for vocation id and etc

    hello, how i can change outfit for vocation id=2 etc? and how i can active super saiyan etc? someone have few minutes for answer and help to understand how it work?
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    DBO, Aura effect work for few minutes >= 5000 mana

    hello, how i can make this spell: local combat = createCombatObject() setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_EFFECT, 91) setCombatParam(combat, COMBAT_PARAM_AGGRESSIVE, false) local condition = createConditionObject(CONDITION_LIGHT) setConditionParam(condition, CONDITION_PARAM_LIGHT_LEVEL, 8)...
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    Edit client 8.6

    Hello, i download Dborox, and now how i can change ip on client?
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    [QUESTION]Why Dragon Ball Characters are 32x32?

    Hello, why Dragon Ball Characters are 32x32. why not 48x48 or 64x64?
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    Looking for DBKO or other DB Source

    Hello, someone can share link to some datapack + source files?
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    [7.6]Bank NPC for otserv

    Hello, i need a npc for otserv 7.6 bank you can deposit and withdraw money.
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    Dragon with multiple color

    Hello, can someone made a dragon with like as outfit? you can change color by set it in looktype="123" body="64" legs="64" head="128" feet="128"
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    Tibia 7.6 Yourots what is (exhaustion, probability)

    Hello, i use Yourots 7,6 and there monsters have this: exhaustion probability how it work?
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    [QUESTION]Why Tfs not load items from database?

    Hey, why Tfs 1.x still load items from items.xml? why not from database? also monsters,npc why tfs load it from xml?
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    Exp Gain Percent from item how to calculate?

    hello, how i can get percent from item ? expPercentBonus += g_config.EXP_MUL * 100 / ring->getItemExpPercentFromItemXML(); this work wrong... g_config.EXP_MUL is 100% exp and i want get + 100% from getItemExpPercentFromItemXML(); how i can achieve it?
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    Otserv 7.6 Where i can find send effect attacked monster like ctricila damage

    Hello! where i can find and edit showing damaged monster damage? when hit monster there are damage display where i can find it and edit? like xxx 123
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    lua_pop(L, 2) and lua_pushnumber()

    Hello, can someone explain what mean lua_pop? there i have example code: int32_t NpcScript::luaGetItemCount(lua_State* L){ int item_count= (int)lua_tonumber(L, -1); uint32_t item_id = (uint32_t)lua_tonumber(L, -2); int32_t id = (int32_t)lua_tonumber(L, -3); lua_pop(L, 3)...
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    [7.6]Client Tibia, possible give monster a skull ?

    hello, its possible in 7,6 tibia client give a monster red skull or white skull? where i can do this? thanks.