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  1. Guxi

    Linux Running 2 TFS instances on same the same machine

    I already have one TFS instance running which binds on default ports; 7171,7172. I am able to start the second TFS instance on other ports(such as: 7571, 7572), however when a player attempts to connect to the server it just throws: theforgottenserver...
  2. Guxi

    Compiling OTClient

    Hi, I'm trying to build the latest OTClient with Visual Studio 2015. I'm not a C++ programmer and I rarerly compile anything, which made this challenging for me. After several hours of grinding through tutorials and troubleshooting I finally managed to 'build'. Firstly, Build output throws...
  3. Guxi

    Team 7.7 RPG (Project initialization) - Recruiting

    *Blank* the OldSchool RPG project Beginnings of the new era that brings only the best out of the tibia 7.- mechanics. Starting from the scratch Building an oldschool RPG world is a great adventure that not everyone is qualified for. Building from nothing to everything has never been an easy...
  4. Guxi

    Linux TFS1.0 (ERR: 20..02) - TFS1.1 (Connected)

    I compiled TFS1.0 and TFS1.1 on Debian Wheezy OldStable 7.5 TFS1.0 My client has a data pack that he runs locally /w TFS1.0 on his windows machine without any exceptions. However, when I start the tfs srv on my Debian - It starts successfully BUT, If you try to connect you will get When...
  5. Guxi

    Webdesigner Guxi coding service; PHP, JS, HTML&CSS

    About me My name is Ante Gulin, I live in Zagreb, Croatia. I go to Electrical Engineering school as a computer technician. I've been programming since 12. :) What i do? I am a Full stack Web developer -- which shortly means that i am capable of writing my own AAC from scratch. As a WebDev i...
  6. Guxi

    Solved Server status OFFLINE?

    I compiled TFS 1.2 and successfully started tibia server without any problems except Server Status not working properly. My dedicated is running on DEBIAN 7.5 Wheezy (oldstable). WEB (Gesior AAC \ 2012) Is showing 'Server Offline' while it's obviously up and running & fully working...
  7. Guxi

    Team CanadaOT - Team recruiting

    CanadaOT project ( Searching for team members: Mapper (2/3) Community manager (0/2) Gamemaster (0/1) Tutors (%) About CanadaOT is a OTS based on the Real Tibia storyline & gameplay with fewer modifications. Low experience rate without VIP islands and OP items that lead to...
  8. Guxi

    Hoster GX hosting service - OVH dedicated

    Guxi : Hosting * Available * (Only one offer left) About me My name is Ante, I'm coming from Zagreb, Croatia. I'm a passionate programmer, fluently developing software in several different languages & platforms. (Currently developing an innovative network/system/platform "Electronic...
  9. Guxi

    Compiling Avesta 7.4 on Debian issues

    Avesta distro that I'm using: svn checkout After i ran following commands bash bash Error occured "Cannot find source (raids.h) in . or .." raids.h is located in src, along with other src files. Just like it came from...
  10. Guxi

    Discuss 7.4 server distribution?

    I'm planning to work on a 7.4 real-map OTS. Since I've been in-active for a while, haven't followed trends of OTS's, which leaves me without any idea on what distribution should i be going with. I've just compiled and ran OTShire, which is 7.72 if I'm right, Graphic; sprites seems to be from a...
  11. Guxi

    Lua Possible to make npc vulnerable?

    I was wondering if it's possible to make npc vulnerable. If you wonder why i'm asking that it's because i need a creature that will attack only players level above 150 and to make it invunerable for players -150. So i thought it would be easier to make npc for that, since i don't know how...
  12. Guxi

    Lua How to create a custom monster that behaves different?

    How could i create monster but with different behaviour. for example: Monster will only attack players who are level above 50.. or something like that Like special lua script for monster, so it wouldn't be behaving like usual How can i achieve this?
  13. Guxi

    Stack size changed! Lua npc error?

    I get this error in console, but npc works good. [27/04/2013 13:12:02] [Error - Npc interface] [27/04/2013 13:12:02] data/npc/scripts/defender.lua:onThink [27/04/2013 13:12:02] Description: [27/04/2013 13:12:02] Stack size changed! What causes it, how to fix?
  14. Guxi

    Lua Problem with storage id ( simple problem ) HELP

    Theres npc that should set a storage id with value 5 to a player. Then he comes to book shell and clicks on it and he is supposed to get the item with id 1975 if he has that str~ id w/ value 5. Otherwise he just get prompted that he didn't buy the spell w/e. Those are the codes I GET NO...
  15. Guxi

    Mapper Mapper needed for rpg/war project

    I'm looking for a mapper who is creative and knows what he's doing. Project is about 2 guilds ( Light - Dark); Each guild has own fort, which is not accessible by other guild. In the middle of the map there is a big neutral castle wall that 'separates'. Guild members can't deal dmg to each...
  16. Guxi

    [HELP] Monster that follows and heals specific player

    I need monster that would heal and follow specific player. For example, you pull the lever and monster will be spawned that will follow you and heal you until the player dies. - Thanks in advance :)
  17. Guxi

    2 guilds war system

    I need a war system that works like this: 2 guilds on server. New players can join 1. or 2. guild, when they choose what guild they will join. Then they can go and pvp with their guild mates. Players in same guild shouldn't deal damage to their team mates. When you kill someone from other...
  18. Guxi

    Windows server stop responding when i try to login after death?

    When i die and i go to login after it, server just stop responding. No errors, no warning.. Just freezes (" not responding") Idk why is this happening? I also died with another char, and same result when i try to login. I'm using tfs 0.3.6 V7 (8.60) edited by Cyko Thanks in advance...
  19. Guxi

    Lua How to make monster that attacks only players in specific guild?

    I need to create a monster that would attack players only who are members of specific guild. Other guilds can't be attacked by that monster, and other guilds can't attack him? tfs 0.3.6 v7 (edited by cyko) 8.60 Thanks for your help in advance!
  20. Guxi

    Lua MagicEffect only visible to one specific player ( how? )

    How could i make doSendMagicEffect that will be visible onlye to one player.