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    [Netherlands] The Lost Lands 8.0 Custom map

    The Lost Lands is up once again! Ip: Port: 7171 Client: Tibia 8.0/custom client Uptime: 24/7 Hosted in: Netherlands Website: The Lost Lands Exp rate: 3x Map: Custom. Runes: 8.0 prices Loot rate: 1x Skills & Magic rates: 3x Skill and 2x Magic. No cip aimbot...
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    Selling chars

    166 EK 151 ED 155 EK 169 MS priv me on otland for more info about chars and prices
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    Action. So hope you quit the ot now so we can quit aswell because this ot sux :D!
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    Liberty bay.

    Please fix the new spawn in liberty bay mountain.
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    [Sweden] Xenoria

    Not mine server, just doing the thread. Xenoria Real Map - Latest News - All citys 8.5 (Gengia, Pyre, Oken those shit islands :< aswell) - All addons 8.5 - Zone Training on Thais DP - Spells 8.5 - No Lags & No Kicks! :) - Server Dedicated 24/7 open! - Magic Rate 23x - Skills Rate 25x - Loot...
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    So this is me hacking back my char and killing 3 of them xd First Pelakanten Then Roookok and El Barto(:()