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  1. Decoy


    retarded referee with this pentalty cant hold us back. Van Persie dominando
  2. Decoy

    Tibia LunarForce 2014 Wars - Full Movie [HD] [VT]

    Enjoy ;)
  3. Decoy

    LunarForce Wars 2014 - Trailer [HD] [VT]

    Enjoy ;) :cool:
  4. Decoy

    @Pride sneaking me

    next time bring more than 10 people.
  5. Decoy

    Happy New Year

    Just wanted to say happy new year allready to all, especially my homeboys. I'm out now for tonight, have funs. see ya in 2014;)
  6. Decoy

    BR Rotworm dominando

    - Hahaha last night brs go defence with 25 ppl when we had 20 ppl :D
  7. Decoy

    @GMs about Ferumbras

    Can you spawn more Ferumbras? Cause when ferumbras spawned today it turned into a really nice fight on Goroma before and after Ferumbras died ^_^
  8. Decoy

    [POLL] Exp from killing players

    Maybe makes server more alive
  9. Decoy

    Tibia [LunarForce] Shock VS All In ''This is LunarForce'' [HD] [VT] Enjoy - watch in 720p / 1080p
  10. Decoy

    [10.10] Venore/Ab - Shock VS All in

    ewa.ttm - Speedy Share - upload your files here Fight starts at 24 min.
  11. Decoy

    @ Valor

    Pro guild
  12. Decoy

    Can't wait for this

    OLD NEW I'm gonna laugh my ass off every time I see people walking, can't wait to see the new moonwalk.
  13. Decoy

    Hardkorek On Okolnir Defence @ Shadowcores
  14. Decoy

    Shadowcores Movie - Yellow @ Cormaya

    TRAILER: **NEW 2013** Shadowcores Trailer - Yellow @ Cormaya [HD] - YouTube FULL MOVIE: Shadowcores Movie - Yellow @ Cormaya [HD] [VT Record] - YouTube Both can be watched in 720p or 1080p HD Quality.
  15. Decoy

    Shadowcores - Who the f*ck is avalanching?!

    **NEW 2013** Shadowcores - Who the f*ck is avalanching?! - YouTube
  16. Decoy

    Bugged Paralyze @ Shadowcores by Decoy

    **NEW 2013** Bugged Paralyze @ Shadowcores by Decoy - YouTube The paralyze bug you get sometimes made my day haha ^_^ Also thanks to Healarn Elgenderz who I don't know but he was healing me.
  17. Decoy

    Shadowcores Trailer

    Shadowcores Trailer by Decoy [HD] - YouTube
  18. Decoy

    (MOVIE) 3 ways how to command @ LunarForce by Decoy [HD]

    **NEW 2013** 3 ways how to command @ LunarForce by Decoy [HD] - YouTube
  19. Decoy

    (MOVIE) Server Dominando @ LunarForce - ULTIMATUM [HD]

    **NEW 2013** Server Dominando @ LunarForce - ULTIMATUM [HD] - YouTube Sorry for the quality loss in some parts.
  20. Decoy

    Server Dominando on LunarForce by Decoy First time using Sony Vegas. Watch in 720p HD Quality. Peace