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  1. GodSebbe

    Halo 3 Ingame Pics

    An album of halo 3 that i put together. ( Not my pics ) Took like 30min.. WORTH for the nostalgia tho:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  2. GodSebbe

    Who do you think won E3?

    Personally i go with Microsoft for big reasons! You? Microsoft: Starting at 9:00 Sony:
  3. GodSebbe

    Min polares rapp "karriär"

    Tjena, postade en annan tråd här nyss men tänkte höra om vad ni tyckte om en av mina polares rapp. Har lyssnat på han nu ett tag och han är riktigt bra! Vad tycks?
  4. GodSebbe

    Poker! ( The big thread~ish.. )

    Anyone intrested in it? I took intrest a couple weeks ago, watching streams, pro's and playing i've increased my skills rapidly. Hit me up if you wanna go heads up :cool::cool::cool:
  5. GodSebbe

    De vet du's nya låt!

    Tycks? 9/10 för mig :)
  6. GodSebbe

    Dedicate a song to someone!

    You'll simply dedicate a song to someone here on otland, a celebrity or whoever you feel like. ( Post in youtube format ) I dedicate mine to @element90
  7. GodSebbe

    What twitch streamers are you watching?

    I'm watching: Forsen - Hearthstone streamer Sodapoppin - WOW - Other games streamer Alinity - WOW / Hearthstone / Zumba streamer well, yours? :)
  8. GodSebbe

    [Help] How to host a server on a hosting server? (cPanel)

    Hi! Long time ago i bought a hosting server and now i was thinking to host my ot on it since it's barely in use right now, i've searched for a tutorial but i couldn't find one, this is how it looks like: I'm quite sure you all who know hosting this is a cPanel. Can someone guide me through...
  9. GodSebbe

    [Help] Setting up a website

    Hi! I'm known at this forum as Godsebbe, altough i'm not known, but i've atleast been a member since 2012 and active on the forum since 2011 if i remember it right, i also had some history on OtFans. I've been playing ots for long time too, my first ot i held in was with my older brother ( which...
  10. GodSebbe

    I have a website...

    Hi! I don't know if anybody here really cares, but i started a website almost a week ago, which is a project i'm gonna stick to for long by the way. The website is getting from 3k-27k visitors/day And my revenue is from $3-$25/day I just wanted to share that i'm earning a decent amount of...
  11. GodSebbe

    Free hosting & Domain name 24/7 365 days a year

    Hi! I wanna share this website that i found a while back that helped me in the start. They got a catch tho. You have to put in the domain name But that's their only catch, you can upload files to file manager, it's a decent host, free domain. Perfect, right? Happy hosting.
  12. GodSebbe

    (Noob Friendly Method) Get $10 a day Downloading apps ( iOS & android phones)

    The Company is called Feature Points you have to have a Android or iOS(apple) device(Can not use your laptop or desktop), you get rewarded just for using your phone Feature Points works by providing you with a list of free apps. Each app on the list has a number of points connected to it. After...
  13. GodSebbe

    Happy Bday to me

    Yaaay. It's a great day
  14. GodSebbe

    Can i borrow a minecraft account?

    Hello. Like the title said, do you have a minecraft account that i can borrow for a while? I'm gonna play with my cousin and i feel like it isn't really worth buying an acc just to build a little with my cousin :p . If you could borrow me a account for some hours i would be very grateful :) Cheers!
  15. GodSebbe


    Hi guys. Watched E3 this year? A whole bunch of new and cool games are coming to xbox one and ps4. The most exciting for me is Destiny. What do you think about it?
  16. GodSebbe

    Webdesign My first HTML website (Not Tibia)

    Hello. This is my first HTML website, i've created other websites before. But with Now i created a HTML landing page. Because it's kinda good for selling products and ebooks and so on. Now i want your opinions on the website! Screenshots: It took some hours + the learning of...
  17. GodSebbe

    Sida Domän

    Hej! Gör en sida där det ska vara "skämt" bilder och sånt. Som 9GAG och alla dom :) Jag behöver lite hjälp med att lista ut vad sidan ska heta? :P Någon som kan ge lite tips?
  18. GodSebbe

    Pokemon Online RPG?

    Hello. I was wondering if it was any Pokemon Online RPG. In 3D maybe. I hope this exists. Would be awesome if it did tho. Imagine going through the forest, the towns and battleing in gyms. Seeing other ppl and battle them. Become a gym leader, entering in contests. And all those features. Does...
  19. GodSebbe


    Ska till ullared på onsdag. Någon som vet något speciellt man kan köpa där? :p
  20. GodSebbe


    Hello. I've always wanted to come up with a forum game myself. And right now i did. Example: Player1: Word of warcraft? Player2: Dope. The Summer? Player3: Nope, like the winter more :p. Internet? Something like that :D alright, i start. South Park?