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    [Poland] [8.60] Texonia l Evo Map l

    yeah from quest room. XD cmon Mr Zlotòwka Dont be hurt because i posted your shop content. Post us quest room content 🤣
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    Kolejny... uwierzysz? XD

    i co? I kupa.
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    Alebra-old.com, spoof.

    mission acomplished banned from otservlist 0 online and the tibian Talars are back in my pocket. conclusion dont spoof and dint have scammy rouletes. Check out his cry greetings to Favelians.
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    [Poland] [8.60] Rookgaard

    Your android client is broken for. Long time, despite reporting it developers are ignorant and dont care, with that attitude i highly not reccomend getting involved. 1676796963 Maybe admin can play on his error client
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    [Germany][Custom] Gothania - Gothic II with Jarkendar released[16th December, Saturday 16:00 CEST]

    Toxicania name would suit this server more. Once you join their server you better have setraline and zoloft ready. I would also suggest opiates based pain killers such as oxycodone. Shit show.
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    [8.60] Tomek Chleje Mapping ;d

    If you wanna know whatnit feels like to have house in a single bedroom room Just look at those maps. a cluster mess, looks like a subway sandwitch with all the topings from menu. seems like spamming objects and enabling light efects in game is considered mapping. Knightmare must be doing...
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    OksaniaOTS szukamy ekipy do współpracy

    chcezz do pracy, stawka zalezna od tego ile lopat piachu i w jakim czasie zaladujesz wywrotke. z taka mentalnoscia to se sam mapuj. Pozdro.
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    [France][Custom / 10.98] Everdale

    Despite the negative feedback whitch hopefully will motivate the owner to take steps and fix discomfort, i would like to see Mobile Client and wouldnt mind try it again this time on ApK. alternative clients are always good, some like train rides, some prefer ro take a bus. Will keep eye on the...
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    neravia.eu - graliście?

    Nie bo zdycha i admin nie umie utrzymac player base. Raz wbilem pogralem i czas zainwestowany poszedl sie jebac, servery typu nostalther nawet z mala liczba graczy ale stoja od lat, wiec na chuj mam wchodzic na gowno otsa na ktorym admin nie potrafi stworzyc community, to jak budowac dom przez 3...
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    [Poland] [8.54] Bleach Evolution

    Admin forgot to show in advertisement the shop part of the server, i will, is not that bad, i seen some with more than 300 items, this one seems to be just fine But sadly its clearly giving an advantage over free to play players. Not impressed but Goodluck.
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    [Poland] [8.60] Texonia l Evo Map l

    You forgot to show in advertisement your shop and offers. ill help you. Full rpg no pay to win. Amazing ots #Sarcasm
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    You are beta testing server created in 2018. Confusion has entered the chat You also seem to forgot to include shop offers and points prices, no worries i will If anyone cares to know. Cheap prices though.
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    [Brazil][8.6] Baiak Blood

    Sounds like the egyptian well known hoster i gnoheim coming back with another trash ots ? Pay to win shop, spoof loaded?
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    [FRANCE] [8.0/Custom] [CUSTOM]--MaskaOTS--[RPG/PVP] [22.09.2023]

    Starting sunday, 55 characters, arrogant Admin. Dont even bother joining. Willbe dead within week from start 1676743592 dont waste your time, its another troll ots.
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    [Poland][12.64] Giveria - [20.06.2021 - 16:00]

    giveria all it gives is a head ache.
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    [Germany][Custom] Gothania - Gothic II with Jarkendar released[16th December, Saturday 16:00 CEST]

    Server is Polish, Dominant Guild is Polish, And admin plays alongside them, invisible /goto targe. What did you expect? They have too much time on their hands, if Devs were focused on developing servers and fixing shit instead of messing other people gameplay. Corrupted and i suggest to stay...
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    Ballot.pl Spoof (4 chars online max on account reciving tibia coins 1 per 30 minutes)

    Imagine that i havent got bored of it. And still continue tomreport trash servers i come upon, and its 2023. 1676546596 entertainment not boredom.
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    [Germany] [7.4 / Custom] Ramonia | RPG / PvP-Enforced | START 17th of February 18:00 CET

    Add android for rookgaard players, me and my friend would join. Rookgaard on mobiles is quite interestimg.
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    Alebra-old.com, spoof.

    Wanted to log in to ask him if it was worth to spoof, rather than keep players who played, donated, advertised on his behalf. But he has chosen to spoof and a very dirty dirty admin, randomly adding weird items to shop to make you donate even more, while after server save were 3 players , in an...