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    Server freeze with doPlayerAddSkill function when logging in

    So I am trying to create a new War Server and I came across an issue. Since ur supposed to start at lv 85 and with specific skills I tried to add a function that a new player would log in and immediately get skill 75, for example. But since that, everytime a new player logs in after character...
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    TFS 0.X Problem opening an otserver 8.60

    So, me and my friend are trying to open an otserver 8.60, aparently the 7171 and 7172 are already opened and everything seems all set up but we are getting this error once we try to press enter on the account box...
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    [Archived] "[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps"

    Totally like it man
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    Amaru's Mapping Thread

    Hey r u really masterk or just another fake? By the way have already seen all that maps, and i repeat, fucking nice!
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    Love ur cities dude
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    Neon's latest mapping works!

    Sounds good
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    [Archived] "[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps"

    Sorry King VenoxX
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    [Archived] "[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps"

    Stfu dude, I will just host it and help a little bit only cuz i repeat, i'm busy with school, and btw, better ignore stupid persons like u... Nice mapping and nice sprs Shadow LOL
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    [Archived] "[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps"

    exiT you did a great job but this river its damn fucking ugly, it looks like auto bordered and it don't :/
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    [Archived] "[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps"

    Also i would like to recieve comments too s2
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    [Archived] "[Quick Showoff] Post your latest maps"

    First post in OT Land *_*