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    [Germany] [Custom] Ironcore - The True Ironman Experience

    This OTS reminds me of good old Times 1718008992 Btw skill is 0.5x i coud swear
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    [CANADA][CUSTOM] Darkrest Online - Lumara

    Trailer doesnt show anything freshed. Main city thais looks excacly Like on real
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    [CANADA][CUSTOM] Darkrest Online - Lumara

    CUSTOM SERVER....later -> real map xD
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    [USA][7.4] Miracle 7.4 - Launch on May 28th

    Another real map with nothing new. But its worst - theres no hotkey xd
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    [France] [7.6 / Custom] Ramonia | Ultimate Season! | START 30th of May 15:00 CEST

    dojebany otsik ktory pada srednio po 7 dniach - kiedy dopiero randomy koncza skilowac palka xD
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    [Germany] [7.4] - Rookie

    When start
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    [Poland] [7.72/8.0] RetroTales | Custom Oldschool Low Rate

    I have nothing to add. Also will be back in next edition
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    [Poland] [7.72/8.0] RetroTales | Custom Oldschool Low Rate

    Server just died what is so sad becouse i never played that much RPG server for last 2 Years Like this one. ....
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    [Poland] [7.72/8.0] RetroTales | Custom Oldschool Low Rate

    Realy fun OTS. 100% custom wellmade map. 100% RPG but with good taste of FUN (like train monks) 1x EXP 100% better than treasura
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    [USA][7.4] Classick74 New World Launch 12th April [Midrate]

    The fuck is wrong whit this all new classic servers? Another one that Pacc is 10 euro, and item shop full of items - like spent 100euro for pro eq
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    [Poland] [8.00] Treasura |Long term x1| Start 12/04/2024 at 18:00 CEST

    The server that canhandle 1k ppl, but can handle small DDOS? Bro their engine is crashing becouse its shit engine xd therre no ddos.
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    [Poland] [8.00] Treasura |Long term x1| Start 12/04/2024 at 18:00 CEST

    ITs polish YTber OTS - thats why
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    [Poland] [8.00] Treasura |Long term x1| Start 12/04/2024 at 18:00 CEST

    XD hahahahha ahahahha x2 I had spent 1h on rook trying to get 2lvl , impopsible - onlny if u are premium - but this shit cost about 20 euro xD
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    [POLAND] [13.32] | IglaOTS | Real Map with Custom cities and spawns | Retro Open PVP | Start 15th March 19:00 CET

    Its not. Im playing this OT - nothing special in my mind. But on the first day od game after lot of problemes GM decides to freegive train weapons - that's why theres about 600ppl loged on with 8lcl onlnt for training
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    Valoria MMO

    Chat open via mouse click? Stupid drop Item system Movement speed ? Anyway i donated u 5€ for keep going
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    Valoria MMO

    Ye but tibia which is making like for 25years is way cheapper... I do have job. I could say that game is in alpha? Just out of the city are mummies - WOW? Windows client isnt playable. That project is A GREATE future game but now ? Im shocked if any1 will pay that prices.