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  1. underewar

    Magic Effect 'move' with player?

    Try it https://otland.net/threads/effect-system-following-player-otcv8-definitive-tutorial-how-use-auras.288461/
  2. underewar

    Effect System Following Player [OTCv8] Definitive Tutorial How Use Auras.

    I want to share with you guys this example, becauase its not to hard to do, and i see alot post with people doing it wrong. Hello guys, recently i was struglin to make effect follow players and avoid this behavior First i was trying to create a new c++ function to handle DrawEffectAttached...
  3. underewar

    Programmer [Premium Supporte] ALL Ots and Ats

    I got some free content to share on github you can get it here.
  4. underewar

    Programmer [Premium Supporte] ALL Ots and Ats

    Services Offered Hello, I would like to contribute to the community with these services. Grab it, it's for a limited time. Get to know a little more about who I am. Web Development Services Excellence in Problem SolvingIdentification and correction of BUGS in databases and PHP scripts for...
  5. underewar

    AAC Server Status on MyAAC

    I've tested both methods, and they work well. Using the status approach seems more appropriate. When comparing the OpenTibia version with the script snippet you provided, I found them to be quite similar. This suggests that the script should work smoothly in various situations. I believe that...
  6. underewar

    AAC Server Status on MyAAC

    I've reviewed the behavior you mentioned regarding the server's online and offline status in your template index. It seems that the issue lies in the logic related to the $playersOnline variable. Currently, when there are no players online, the server is incorrectly displayed as offline. To...
  7. underewar


    Hello everyone! I'm working on a system for creatures and boosted bosses on my TFS 1x server. I'm not interested in integrating this system into the source code for obvious reasons, as it makes editing easier for other servers. I'm posting this to collaborate on enhancing the current system by...
  8. underewar

    Report Spoof

    English:Greetings, I am the owner of this server, and I want to be transparent with you. On my website, I display all players online without distinguishing between multiple IP addresses. However, on the OTServer list, I follow the rules, and everything is configured to prevent spoofing on the...
  9. underewar

    When is the official new version of TFS?

    Projects with different approaches: TFS supports a 1:any protocol, which means it is fully compatible in most cases. OTBrcanary features a 1:1 protocol designed to work exclusively in the cipclient.
  10. underewar

    What "killed" RL Tibia for YOU?

  11. underewar

    Scripter I need scripter who rewrite scripts from 0.3.7 to 1.4.2.

    How many scripts? add me in discord > underewar
  12. underewar

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.X instruction - how add actions in script folder etc.

    Most of the scripts should work very well with the compat.lua above. [Storage] Tutorial: Sending a One-Time Message using Player Storage In this tutorial, we'll create a system that sends a message to a player only once when they perform a specific action. We'll use player storage to keep track...
  13. underewar

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.X instruction - how add actions in script folder etc.

    You dont need anymore just register the event and id in the lua script. In my opinion that a mistake, because in system with alot items with system some times its better you have an xml to keep track of files by id easy in xml. any way some tips: Tutorial: Creating and Using Action Events...
  14. underewar

    [8.6] [The Forgotten Server] [0.4] UnderVersion 1.0.1

    You can compile this using windows with MVS and Linux with Cmake.
  15. underewar

    [MyAAC] [Plugin] [Template] Global Layout

    Hey my friend the CharBazar Feature dont exist in Fresh install of my-aac. To remove this feature you should go to : myaac-template-tibiacom/config.php Just remove the line 8 and you shoudl run perfect! Also if you want to run this template with all plugins working you should use this version.
  16. underewar

    No move dummy

    I dont think you need an script for this, use your item.OTB you should find an check box to make this item unMovable.
  17. underewar

    How to behave in an Internet Forum

    Dont Feed the TROLL