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    [GERMANY] [8.0] Regneration |RL MAP|

    Why off?
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    [Poland] [7.72] [PVP-E] Realia Online WIN $60 STARTED! 06/06/2024

    Where will you start with this Tibiana / Arkonia / Vexeria / Realia ot?
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    [Poland][8.00] Rafidea

    Bump, been playing on this server like a 1,5 year ago and this guy is really giving his heart into it. Recommend
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    [Poland][8.0] OldTibia S2 - F2P

    "Don't miss out on this opportunity, as this offer won't last forever!" It lasted till today's server save and you posted it yesterday. People got best weapons and eq on server and new players don't have the opportunity to obtain them :/ For me, it's demotivating to play
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    [France] [7.9] Retronus Custom Fast Attack [Beta] | Launch MAY 5TH FRIDAY - 18:00 CET+1 | 100% FREE

    So, is beta starting today? The timer shows 20 days
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    Ziomek's team 8.0 map

    I remember that I used to play on 8.0 polish servers in which a slightly similar (to the map below) map occurred. I remember that on the login screen (where you're picking a character to log in), there was a text in parentheses, right after character's name which said - "Ziomek's team map". It...