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  1. alejandro762

    Help!, how to access my website in xampp as admin

    Config of website, Find somewhere to add the account/password of the god, example ZnoteAAC: After 7171 Block port: Add your account here, login and you will be able to edit everything on website.
  2. alejandro762

    TFS 1.X+ Errors when compiling TFS v1.4x (v1.4, v1.4.1, v1.4.2)

    Alternative, Check Date of Release of TFS, check on VCPKG > Releases, TFS 1.4.2 Release The Forgotten Server 1.4.2 · otland/forgottenserver (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/releases/tag/v1.4.2) Jun 29 2022 VCPKG Release: Release 2022.06.15 Release · microsoft/vcpkg...
  3. alejandro762

    Is it possible to compile an OTC V8, OTC MEHAH and TFS 1.2 with 1 vcpkg folder?

    I got 6 vcpkg , so yes you can compile again otcv8, just you need change variable environnement of your ROOT vcpkg , and on comand prompt , integrate the install of the new folder , each time you need to this if you with change vcpkg folder. Otcv8 and tfs can be compiled with same vcpkg , not...
  4. alejandro762


    Sprites opened from CIP client, on Object builder it works. If you try open from a private server, you should know that some people doesnt know that is necessary to add Flags, in order to see it on correct position on Windows, or store, or whatever box or thing can be showed up. Add flags...
  5. alejandro762

    Lua Monster reflect Elemental damage by a %, TFS 1.4

    TFS , The Forgotten Server. CS, Canary Server.
  6. alejandro762

    Feature [TFS 1.3] Monster Levels

    True but you can still use player:addExperience. I add this monster level to a 13.32 so function on a script action on use or a chest wont work , the trick is create an item that you Will change it to an npc for experience , add to npc player:addExperience and I Will work. Sol each time you...
  7. alejandro762

    the end of otservers

    What's the list of servers you made ?
  8. alejandro762

    TFS [1.X] Lootwand

    Thread should be "Sell Items onUse Item" , Lootwand what means ? The item used is a wand ? Use GPT is good in order to learn some things, for create complete scripts you should know first how works the code in general.
  9. alejandro762

    [OTCv8] Auras and wings

  10. alejandro762

    Compilation Otcv8 - OpenAL32

    The github page of tutorial is not up to date , last vcpkg is for the last server project not for tfs 1.4, so you need Check the release date of TFS and select 1/2 month earlier the vcpkg release , and not the last one. It will work.
  11. alejandro762

    [TFS 1.3] Small Boss Room

    try local config = { tileId = 59124, -- ActionID onStepIn Tile bossName = "Goshnars Cruelty", bossPosition = Position(33855, 31866, 7), -- Position where the boss will appear bossArea = { fromPos = Position(33852, 31858, 7), -- Upper left corner of the room toPos...
  12. alejandro762

    Slots Update

    Fixed on: Otclient Function refresh() (Inventory) adding the last InventorySlot instead of Purse.
  13. alejandro762

    Slots Update

    No, i mean: For example new slot created is for a helmet, I equip the Helmet on this new slot, i log out. I login with another character ( new character ) , doesn't have this helmet, but when login it has this helmet on the inventory equiped as "visual bug", closing client and opening again, it...
  14. alejandro762

    Slots Update

    Is there a function that updates a player's inventory when they log in or log out? On the addition of a new slot, when a player has an object in this slot, by disconnecting and connecting another player, this one has the object in question in the inventory (new slot), but only visual, have I...
  15. alejandro762

    OpenTibia OTClient that unpack map.otbm to .png files - v2.0

    Seems strange, but i just changed some css code and it works now. Thanks for the help.
  16. alejandro762

    OpenTibia OTClient that unpack map.otbm to .png files - v2.0

    Nice tutorial, everything works fine, until open the map view, black screen. leaved as 'map/' , since is located where map.js, all folders 0-15 are empty with index.html, and folder 16 the full map part splitted. Whats wrong ? var mapConfig = { imagesUrl: 'map/', // URL to folder with...
  17. alejandro762

    Feature [TFS 1.3] Monster Levels

    If monster is 10-20 loot 20 gold coins, if is 20-30, 30, etc.. I Dont know really how to do that. But you could do it in another way, creating a function to get the level of monster, with this you can do everything, if monster is level 100 - 300 then loot x5 for example, more loot. Requires...
  18. alejandro762

    Feature [TFS 1.3] Monster Levels

    Simply, add Monster Levels to the monsters that cannot be summoned by a mage, in case, copy paste rat, and the rat that can be summoned will be different, change name or something else, there is a large possibility.
  19. alejandro762

    Limit Slots C++ TFS 1.4.2 / Otcv8

    So i started all directly from new server 1.4: GitHub - otland/forgottenserver at 1.4 (https://github.com/otland/forgottenserver/tree/1.4) And new client otcv8 from otacademy repository. You can add 15 slots, on slot 16 are detected as classic slot and you cannot equip any item, seems weird...