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  1. Nigtwisj

    [Module] - Loot Simulator - TFS 1.5

    You can also just edit the script to get all monsterTypes and loop over those
  2. Nigtwisj

    [Module] - Loot Simulator - TFS 1.5

    Neat. I modified it to send all monsters on the map for testing purposes because I didn't want to have to manually add all my monsters to an array ;) I also modified it to send the value of the item because since I didn't want to do that manually either ;) And with that it's a solid release...
  3. Nigtwisj

    Exp/Kill/Drop Tracker Module [OTCV8] [TFS 1.4.2]

    Thank you for your contribution Klank. I would say as a custom module it's quite solid and it's a solid release. Keep it up because i love seeing the custom modules that people come up with. Here are my thoughts. Firstly I think the itemSprite for the droptracker should be virtual so players...
  4. Nigtwisj

    Valor Online Development

    Oh of course. In my opinion it wouldn't be a Tibia server without a chance of finding a random hidden boss. We want to encourage and reward exploration and thinking outside of the box to find hidden areas etc. I'll showcase some more of the world here. Explore different kinds of nature all...
  5. Nigtwisj

    Valor Online Development

    That's exactly what we're trying to achieve. We want to bring back the RPG and Adventure feeling that Tibia used to have. Here are some more images from the main city of Aerynhaal. 1. Welcome to Harleen's armory. 2. Many side streets What could this crumpled note contain?
  6. Nigtwisj

    OTC Advanced Sound System

    Looks interesting. Will for sure keep an eye on it.
  7. Nigtwisj

    Unity3D client?

  8. Nigtwisj

    Jfrye's Mapping Pieces

    Activate your windows
  9. Nigtwisj

    [10.98] Pirate Island - By Neon

    Looks great! Thanks for releasing this.
  10. Nigtwisj

    Eterna Mapping - Leo's Thread

    When you post the minimap i wouldn't mind seeing some buildings aswell.
  11. Nigtwisj

    Unity3D client?

  12. Nigtwisj

    Mapper Somebody need a Mapper ?

    Hit us up with some screenshots.
  13. Nigtwisj

    [DISCUSSION] 128x128 pixels Tibia sprites with AI (neural network)

    Yeah link is dead for me aswell, would like to have a look at it for sure.
  14. Nigtwisj

    Unity3D client?

    Second week of january, whats the update?
  15. Nigtwisj

    Linux What do you recommend?

    Yeah 1.2 for sure
  16. Nigtwisj

    Donation Island 25% Complete

    Less autoborder my dude. For example look at the coast line compared with autoborder And using raw
  17. Nigtwisj

    OpenTibia Sprite Pack

    Im happy to see this project started up and everyone contributing so much, i would contribute if i actually knew how to make sprites!
  18. Nigtwisj

    Open Tibia Project

    First off, get the latest forgotten server from here GitHub - otland/forgottenserver: A free and open-source MMORPG server emulator written in C++ And compile that. There is a tutorial on how to compile on the github. and there is also this tutorial here Compiling TFS 1.0/1.1 latest source. 64...
  19. Nigtwisj

    Request maps you need here!

    Lol here you go
  20. Nigtwisj

    Lua Segmentation Fault onEquip

    "I honestly have no idea what this line is trying to accomplish.. unless you can equip helmets in the rope slot or something.. zzz" Made me laugh lol