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  1. Lucas CP

    CoronaVirus- What's your status?

    In Brazil: If you sneeze in the street, you get beaten up.
  2. Lucas CP

    Doesnt send name %s TFS 1.2

    Try errorMsg = string.format("You don't have %s .", quest_name) To: errorMsg = string.format("You don't have %s .", questInfo)
  3. Lucas CP

    Naruto-based sprites

    Nice bro! Do you plan to leave some sprites free?
  4. Lucas CP

    Winter Update

    Nice maps
  5. Lucas CP

    Lucas Sprites

    Thank you!! I'm starting from scratch. My sprites are simple, because I do not have much practice for this kk Edit: I tried to create an outfit:
  6. Lucas CP

    Lucas Sprites

    I'm starting now, this sword is one of my first drawings. You can use it if you want. Suggestions to improve my perfomance? Note: I'm not a professional Note2: Sorry for english, I'm using google translate
  7. Lucas CP

    Error Database

    The message says that the column does not exist: prey_stamina_1 Use this to correct: ALTER TABLE `players` ADD COLUMN `prey_stamina_1` int(10) DEFAULT 0;
  8. Lucas CP

    Protocol Version 1101

    Has there been a change in items.otb or only in connection?
  9. Lucas CP

    10.99 Outfits / Items images

  10. Lucas CP

    Lua Slot System script, players cannot login.

    local conditionMP,conditionHP,conditionML,conditionCLUB,conditionSHI,conditionDIST,conditionAMP = {},{},{},{},{},{},{} for i=1,300 do conditionHP[i] = createConditionObject(CONDITION_ATTRIBUTES) setConditionParam(conditionHP[i], CONDITION_PARAM_SUBID, 50)...
  11. Lucas CP

    doPlayerSetStorageValue TFS1.2 problem

    rewrite function onUse(cid, item, fromPos, itemEx, toPos) for function onUse(cid, item, fromPos, itemEx, toPos) local player = Player(cid) this doPlayerSetStorageValue(cid, outfity[i].uniqueid, 1) for player:setStorageValue( outfity[i].uniqueid, 1 ) Or create this function...
  12. Lucas CP

    error in console

    Do the same to the deaths, now switches to frags.
  13. Lucas CP

    error in console

    The error occurs because there is no 'deaths' column in the 'players' table. To solve this run this query in phpMyAdmin: ALTER TABLE players ADD COLUMN deaths int(11) DEFAULT 0; Sorry for my English, I'm using google translate.
  14. Lucas CP

    Most dmg in monsters X,Y TFS 1.2

    Change local monster = target:getMonster()" for local monster = creature:getMonster()"
  15. Lucas CP

    Tibia 11 Discussion(+Tutorial how to able to use it)

    A small update for users of PHP 7: http://pastebin.com/T0ntWuvb
  16. Lucas CP

    Bomberman Event TFS 1.x

    My bomberman TFS 1.0: It is 95% ready. Lack saw very few details.
  17. Lucas CP

    Lua Lua/MySQL Error in Server when Loading and Logging in

    To fix login: To fix SQL error, run it on the reference date: ALTER TABLE `players` ADD `broadcasting` INT(11) DEFAULT 0; And function getOnlinePlayers does not exist.