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  1. Renato Foot

    help with npc shop

    No it's because we don't have a XML for that, so he doesn't know how to do
  2. Renato Foot

    opentibiabr code 'quality' and community

  3. Renato Foot

    Otland a forum for open tibia or for the forgotten server?

    Let's update a few xml files and launch a new major release!
  4. Renato Foot

    Account or password incorrect

    @ god/god
  5. Renato Foot

    Account or password incorrect

    Use the right password, then it will work!
  6. Renato Foot

    Programmer OtservBR crashes

    Also if we do some code refactor you will need to pay to another developer to port the changes, in place you could join with others that also wants to solve some crash, and open a 'bountysource' retribution for who solves the crash, it is a 'win win' case!
  7. Renato Foot

    TFS 1.X+ Imbuement Bug 1.3

    🧓 sour grapes
  8. Renato Foot

    OTClient 1.0

  9. Renato Foot

    [12.x] OTServBR-Global

  10. Renato Foot

    [12.x] OTServBR-Global

    Nice to see OT community united to make it great again!
  11. Renato Foot

    Some thoughts on the community openness direction

    Less talk, more code!