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  1. J

    8.60 TFS 0.4 spellpack with correct damages

    Reupload please
  2. J

    CreatureEvent onTarget Interact with Npc

    Where should I add this code?
  3. J

    Use the conversation window, when we do not have the modal

    I would like the script to use the window of choice of converts, (Chanel) for me to do as if it were a modal, I want me to get through an area so that when I step on the tile the window appears and I clicking on the chosen one takes me to a certain place, making me something and of course. as...
  4. J

    Lua Atribute Upgrade + 1

    I would like to add the attribute of HP plus it counts several times being that you had + 1 in it, could someone help? local conf = { maxSlotCount = 10, perecent = {min = 1, max = 20}, -- od ile % do ilu % ma dawac bonusu ignoredIds = {} } function choose(...) --- Function by...
  5. J

    Lua Atribute Item

    I'm trying to create an item that adds attributes to my armor or any other item that poses receiving attributes. function onUse(cid, item, fromPosition, itemEx, toPosition) doItemSetAttribute(itemEx.uid, 'fist', +5) return TRUE end
  6. J

    Linux HELP REV 3777 Monsters do not live through the dead monster

    Monsters do not live through the dead monster, is very annoying because it makes it easier for players on quests .. Could someone help me how to solve this problem?