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  1. Paner

    [POLAND] [10.98] Neravia World - Custom RPG Map | Items 13.X | Anti-Bot Client | 29.03.24 18:00 CET

    Do you have a discord server? I find it that for long term projects a discord server where you can post updates, announcements, channels for trade, screenshots, upcoming features, looking for groups, wiki, suggestions and many more in once place is the best community building tool you can...
  2. Paner

    [POLAND] [10.98] Neravia World - Custom RPG Map | Items 13.X | Anti-Bot Client | 29.03.24 18:00 CET

    Please fix your website, how are you displaying the password so openly Also the map "chage", charge? change? Map looks interesting, I just wish devs would stop being so allergic to making big, connected maps, why is it always a collection of small islands? One day we will get a OTS with a...
  3. Paner

    [Germany] [Custom / 8.6] [Official Release] Evolisca - Custom Mid-Rates Server - 08/03/2024 18:00 PM GMT +2

    Anyone else get hyped about a server after reading the info just to get let down and forget about it after seeing it release date?? Boooo
  4. Paner

    [USA] [Custom / 10.98] NextGen OTServ Season 2 with Attribute Allocation, Custom Map, RPG and Build Versatility, Everyone is welcome!!

    After playing for some time I can easily say it's a passion project for the dude that develops this server, this OT has so much cool shit. You gain stats that matter very much, you get 5 points per level and you need to distribute them to fit your needs. You die to much? Get more Con. Want to...
  5. Paner

    [USA] [Custom / 10.98] NextGen OTServ Season 2 with Attribute Allocation, Custom Map, RPG and Build Versatility, Everyone is welcome!!

    Is there a discord? no word about it on the website, I think I saw a message in game about it? This client is annoying, you cannot use WASD to move and rotate with ctrl, it doesnt work at all. This huge list of spells on the website should be divided into different sections for str, int, dex...
  6. Paner

    [USA][CUSTOM - OTC] Zoltyum - Age of Cataclysm | Beta Launch 6/30/2023 - 11A.M PT

    This trend needs to die, are you serious? Server looks very interesting though.
  7. Paner

    [France][13.20] Noveria Online - 1st July 2023 - FULL LAUNCH!

    Can you explain what is the point of the discord server for this server? There is not a single channel that people can type into, why do you suppress the ability for people to speak? Seems shady. I had some questions but now everything about this server looks weird.
  8. Paner

    [USA] [Custom Client] Nutopia 2.0 - 100% Original Custom Map - Low Rate RPG - JAN 19th - 4:30pm PDT

    Hell yeah, lets go, this server was amazing, playing from Europe was a nightmare due to ping but overall good experience, great map, amazing systems, this new update looks exciting, can't wait.
  9. Paner

    Gyaku 7.6 server

    God damn is that a dig from the past. I need to look for them, see you in dms.
  10. Paner

    [USA][Custom] SoE RPG - Original Mechanics - New Adventures - 8.0 Style World Release! [05.31.24]

    Huge cash grab, half of the content is locked behind the paid features, there is not protection for new players, you get 1 shotted by random dude and loose everything, there is no downside to PKing.
  11. Paner

    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

    I did manually set 1, 2 etc as keybinds, those numbers are displayed on the bar itself but when I press them nothing is happening
  12. Paner

    [Sweden] [Custom] - Therran

    There is no register option on the website. OK I was able to get into the game, how do I disable chat again? There are no keybind options, I want to walk with wasd but once I pressed enter key, once chat cannot be disabled. Why are keybinds not working, am I suppose to press the spells with a mouse?
  13. Paner

    [The Netherlands] [Custom / 10.98] Elthia | 25 Starts January AT 20:00 CET

    I'm very excited to try your server, systems you've put in place seem interesting, especially pet system and the exp rate. Will this map get any bigger in future updates? Looks very small. Do you have dedicated client and is it needed to play? How does the Druid portal spell work? To be honest...
  14. Paner

    [AUS] [Custom Client] Nutopia | USA Proxy | 100% Original Custom Map - Low Rate RPG - 2.5 Year Up Tme - Season 4 Begins 04/03/2021

    This server is so extremely laggy it is unplayable, trying to play from Poland.
  15. Paner

    [Sweden] [10.00] Gragon Custom PVP-RPG [Dungeons][PREY][Autoloot]

    I really don't like items from the shop, you say they are only for leveling but they are so powerful that you cannot find anything more powerful anywhere, literally the whole quest room is useless because every single item from there is not even close, power wise. Infinite ammo and infinite...
  16. Paner

    [Sweden] [10.00] Gragon Custom PVP-RPG [Dungeons][PREY][Autoloot]

    Dragon Lords give waaaay to much loot, got 2 Royal Helmets in 3 minutes. I really don't like how mobs can spawn around you anytime anywhere, shouldn't only like rotworms do that?
  17. Paner

    [Sweden] [10.00] Gragon Custom PVP-RPG [Dungeons][PREY][Autoloot]

    Not all of the items on the ground are locked in the Elane's crossbow quest, I was able to grab gold bars from the ground. How do I use autoloot command? typing add and then the name of the items does not work You should make a change so spells are not shown in chat, it just makes it unusable
  18. Paner

    [FRANCE] Tibia Adventure 8.60

    Very nice starting area, map looks fun. Server is a bit too "RPG" for me though, 3 mana regen seems a bit low.