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  1. EvilSkillz


    Hashirama says madara a other madara not Don gero
  2. EvilSkillz


    Yea but still not him XD
  3. EvilSkillz


    Hes not talking about u
  4. EvilSkillz

    The white city

    was so funny that i started to map a white city love you <3 kind regards
  5. EvilSkillz

    The white city

    Yea I do not have any problem with it But it starts to get ridiculous Every month almost the same picture As I said above its not a hate :)
  6. EvilSkillz

    The white city

    No hate but every single picture looks kinda same
  7. EvilSkillz

    RME - Map Editor - Brush for creatures

    You can put 4 different nonsters together in rme then copy paste it
  8. EvilSkillz

    TFS 1.X+ ddos attack

  9. EvilSkillz

    [8.60] Latest forgottenserver 1.3/1.4. Clean downport.

    it was gone for me no idea why thanks
  10. EvilSkillz

    [8.60] Latest forgottenserver 1.3/1.4. Clean downport.

    any reason issue button is not anymore there? kind regards
  11. EvilSkillz

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 Corpse causing freeze

    download the latest tfs and then try it again if it still happens its something with your datapack
  12. EvilSkillz

    Do you still prefer 8.60 instead of 10.98? or 12x or what ever

    title says everything :D
  13. EvilSkillz

    (OTClient) NPC does not buy or sell.

    Any errors in console?
  14. EvilSkillz

    TFS 1.X+ how to create a teleport?

    Do you want it as talkaction? As the normal way via RME? More information would be cool
  15. EvilSkillz

    TFS 1.X+ TFS 1.3 Corpse causing freeze

    Tested and it works for me without any problem. Are you using latest 1.3? or OTBR?
  16. EvilSkillz

    /save dont save house

    No one is here rude. You are rude in that case ;).
  17. EvilSkillz

    TFS 1.X+ code to buy mana bp

    function onUse(player, item, fromPosition, target, toPosition, isHotkey) if not player:removeMoney(10) then player:sendCancelMessage("Sorry, you don't have enough money!") return true end local bag = player:addItem(2869, 1) bag:addItem(5988, 20) return...
  18. EvilSkillz

    /save dont save house

    Who the fuck would crash the server instead of waiting for a restart :D
  19. EvilSkillz

    budexot obvious spoof

    He had every season less than 100 players at start Ofc hes spoofing :D