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    TFS 1.X+ The use of the Spell consumes more mana according to the player's level.

    its funny because if you put it to spent some % of mana, it will increase by level too...
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    TFS 1.X+ Error "only clients with 12.86 protocol" TFS1.4

    After almost 10 years away from otservs in general i was trying to open one for tests. I followed step by step from a tutorial by gesior. but when i finally managed to put the server online i cannot login. When i try to login by the i got this error "only clients with 12.86 protocol"...
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    From Windows 10 to OTS development machine for dummies - part 2

    I managed to compile the TFS following your guide and get till the point where the server is "running". but can never log in cuz "conection failed". And when i tried to make the website part i use the command "checkout tfs 1.4 (even 1.3)" and i get this error: after that everything fails for...